Twenty Four

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"You got the job!" Scotty smiled at Caitlyn. She shook his hand and accepted it.

"And I start tomorrow." Caitlyn nodded and Scotty pinned his eyebrows together in confusion.

"Actually yeah. How did you know, did I already tell you that?" Scotty questions.

"Something like that." She says as she heads to her car.

The next day was her first day. She'd have to rebuild friendships with everyone. At first that didn't seem like a problem, but the foundation of all the friendships was David. Soon Caitlyn panicked, this wasn't gonna be easy.

After pulling up she saw Davids car in front and smiled to herself. "Cait hi." David greeted her as she entered. "Oh before you start can I tell you something?"

"Of course." Caitlyn said as she took a seat in front of David. He scratched his head.

"Um, this sounds crazy, bare with me. I had a dream about you, it's weird I know but,"

"Me too!" Caitlyn yelled loudly and he plugged his ears. "Sorry." She whispers as they both laugh.

"Well in the dream, you were flying some kind of spaceship and now everytime I see you I think of it." David said laughing.

"Ohh that kind of dream." She said.

"Yeah why?"

"Mine was deep. I hated you but you loved me. Like I said, deep." Caitlyn awkwardly smiled.

"Mine too! I lied before to not sound like a creep, that was my dream." David over acted the lie.

"David. No you didn't." Caitlyn dead panned. She explained her whole dream to David and he found himself in shock.

"So why are you nice now?" David asked after it all.

"Because the dream made me realize I love your dumbass." Caitlyn chuckled.

"My ass is thick." David winked earning a slap from Caitlyn.

"So?" Caitlyn said

"How about a date under the stars?" David asked.

"Caitlyn is that you? I have a project for you." Scotty called. Caitlyn stood up and sighed.

"I'd love to." She exclaims as she walked away.

"How will I contact you?" David called back.

"I know where you'll be. I'll be there at eight." Caitlyn said and David yelled an okay. "And David?"

"Wear purple. I know I'm on it." He said and then she heard the door close.

One week later...

"Caitlyn I have a question." David said fiddling with his fingers.

"Ask away." Caitlyn smiled.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" David asked and Caitlyn looked at him.

"No." Caitlyn frowned looking down.

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