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Caitlyn woke up with a pounding headache. Her head was spinning and nothing was making sense. She was in Lizas apartment and that's all she remembers from last night, being here.

"Good morning sunshine." Liza chirps from the kitchen and Caitlyn just groans.

"Someone should have cut me off oh my god. I feel like actual shit, living shit." Caitlyn complained as she slowly sat up.

"Painkillers and water are right next to you." Liza added and Caitlyn nodded and took them.

"So you don't remember anything?" Liza smirked and took a seat next to Caitlyn.

"No? Why are you smiling so evil? What happened?"

"You kissed David." Liza blurts and Caitlyn gasps

"I did what? Willingly? Happily? Explain."

"Zane and Heath made out for the vlog, you then approached David and leaned on him for balance. Kristen grabbed to camera and said to make out for the vlog and you smiled and did it. You were happy and saying how you wanted to be good and neither of you could stop smiling." Liza smiles and Caitlyn gags.

"I hate myself." Caitlyn hit herself in the head before Liza stopped her.

"Hey, you were really happy. Even last night you said drunk actions are sober thoughts. Maybe that was meant to happen, you said you wanted to forgive him but wanted to make him work for it. Looks like he worked for it enough because you forgave him last night." Liza looked at Caitlyn who was thinking hard.

"Does that mean I want to forgive him?" Caitlyn looks at Liza who was smiling wide.

"Yes! Yes it does!" Liza exclaimed and started jumping up and down.

"Sh calm down, I don't know what I'll do." Caitlyn shrugged and Liza smirked.

"Well I think you do now." Liza said looking at the other couch that was next to Caitlyn's. Caitlyn never even looked over there when she woke up but now she was realizing someone was on it. She looked closer and saw David looking at her.

"Oh fuck." Caitlyn mumbled and hid under her blanket.

"I'll let you two talk, he heard everything." Liza whispered the last part so only Caitlyn could hear. Once Liza left the room, David looked like he was going to start talking. Caitlyn just wanted to be alone with her thoughts, her head already hurt and this conversation will only make it worse.

"How are you not in pain?" Caitlyn asked David since he looked fine.

"I wasn't drunk."

"But you were drinking, with me?"

"Faking it." David smirked and Caitlyn smiled and shook her head.

"Dumbass." Caitlyn said under her breath receiving a dirty glare.

"So last night, I know you meant that Cait. I mean listen to yourself, you aren't fooling anyone if you say that kiss didn't mean anything." David spoke up and Caitlyn cleared her throat.

"What's makes you so confident you know me? You really don't David." Caitlyn crossed her arms with a challenging smile. David smirked and cracked his knuckles.

"I sense a challenge."

"It's not a challenge, it's the truth."

"Okay then how would I know you have a phobia of butterflies and needles? How would I know you can only eat tic tacs in even numbers because you hate odd numbers? How would I know you live to please to people and that's why you never did anything wrong? How would I know that whenever your mother upset you, you'd dye the under part of your hair her least favorite color? How would I know that whenever you answered a question correctly in front of the class you thought you were really cool and got more confident? If I didn't know you then how would I know that you only dated one guy and it was so you didn't look lame? I know that you're favorite color to wear is yellow. I know that you've always lived for simple and never wanted an extravagant life. I know that whenever you're nervous you snap your fingers on your side. I know that you wear contacts because glasses in your words never fit your face. I know that you tried to believe in Santa all throughout high school because he was a major part of your childhood. I know you kept your favorite Barbie doll from when you were a child along with her closet just for memories. I know you're emotionally attached to your pink flying pig blanket because your grandma gave it to you to remind that if a pig can fly, you can do anything. I know that you go to that same restaurant everyday for breakfast because having a schedule is so important to you. I know that whenever someone called you Cait instead of Caitlyn it made you happy because you felt like they liked you enough to call you a nick name. So never say I don't know you Cait."

"I don't know how you remember all that." Caitlyn stayed silent. She was blushing.

"Because Cait, you were my other half. I love you." He looked at his feet as they anxiously tapped together.

"But that was all in high school, why are you so obsessed with us figuring this out? It was high school, we are now adults, can't you just let me be?" Caitlyn sighed and David just looked at her.

"Because that's how much you mean to me okay?" Caitlyn just laughed at that.

"Victoria is here to take me shopping, bye." Caitlyn left the house and once she shut the door, David frowned. Maybe he should stop fighting, he's the one putting in all the work and maybe Caitlyn isn't worth it.

After stopping at Victoria's to get ready and change, the girls head to the mall. "It's prom season let's look at the prom dresses!" Victoria clapped and pulled Caitlyn into a store.

"You're twenty one Vic." Caitlyn pat her friends on the back as she was looking at the dresses.

"Oh my god, look." Victoria's tone changed quickly as she pulled out this one dress. "Cait, it's your dress." Victoria looked at the dress then up at Caitlyn.

"It's is oh my god." Caitlyn exhaled loudly as she touched the all familiar silky fabric. It was a form fitted with a slit at the bottom. It was red and silky with thin straps on the shoulder and a deep V- line. (Picture at top)

"This brings back so many memories wow." Victoria pulled the dress of the rack and looked at it closer.

"That night was not fun and seeing that just ruined my mood." Caitlyn whispered.

"What? Since when? You said nothing happened Cait. What are you hiding?" Victoria dropped the dress and looked at Caitlyn.

"I never told you? I guess I just didn't want to, it's a long story Vic." Caitlyn picked up the dress and hung it back up.

"Good thing we have no time limit and a table to sit at in the food court. Start talking buddy as we walk to a table." Victoria interlocked their arms and pulled her towards a table and sat down.

"Start talking." Victoria places her face in her hands, eager to listen and Caitlyn took a deep breath before she started her story.

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