Chapter 21

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Your POV

It was the end of the year. You were so happy yet, sad. This ment that you had to go home. And leave Severus. Next year would've been when you would head off to college or somewhere else. After Dumbledore's speech, and Gryffindor winning, you look over at Severus. His face had the same look it always had, but his eyes were filled with sadness. You lean you head against him. "You'll write?" You ask, savoring the moment. "Always..." he mumbles back. You smile as you open your eyes to the great hall. Gryffindor was celebrating, while Slytherin looked upset. You chuckle as you see a few eyes go over to you and Severus. Pretty soon after, almost everyone was looking at you 2. A few of them 'aww'ed and others started to chock up. You scooch you chair over to his and you fully lean into him. You close your eyes as you feel him rub you back. You didn't want to go... and you knew he did want to either. But you must... you look back up at him and kiss his nose. He smiles and kisses yours.

*Time Skip brought to you by the crying children in the great hall*

You were now on the train back home. The train was already halfway back to 9 and 3/4, and you started to feel upset before it even started to move. You were in your own car, alone. You felt so cold... even though the dungeons were always cold, Severus was there to warm you. Your owl was on your shoulder, trying to comfort you. "Go away, Mia..." you tell the bird. Mia was very smart, for a barn owl. If she was human, the sorting hat wouldn't even need to touch her head before it shouted Ravenclaw. She wasn't even your owl, really. She was just your mother's owl. She tried again but you didn't move.

Then train then pulled into the station. You grab your stuff and walk out, with Mia on your shoulder. You look over the crowd and see Ki. Ki was you father's owl. He was a black barn owl, 1 in a million. He and Mia were mates. So you walked over to the owl and saw your parents. Anxiety hit you as your realize that you are... 30 now... your parents look at you wide eyed. You set down your stuff and hold out your arms. Both of your parents then hugged you. You slightly smile and hug back. "Oh love! Look at you!" Your mother smiled as she and you father let go. "Your so grown up!" You smile. "Our little girl..." you father mumbles as he kisses your forehead.

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