Chapter 31

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Snape's POV

As we entered the Gryffindor commen room, the warm fire place had been put out as many students were in the room. They all turned towards me and (Y/N), curious on why were were here.

"I need everyone to clear the room, except the Weasleys..." she said. The students hesitated before running off. That left us and the Weasleys alone. All except... no...

"Where is Ron?" (Y/N) asked them. They shrugged before Percy said the boy hadn't returned yet. I mutter a curse under my breath, realizing what him and Potter must be up to. I was about to take my leave before (Y/N) grabbed my sleeve.

"Could you stay?" She asked, quiet enough so only I can here. "It'll be easier to tell them if you're here..." I sighed and nodded, not wanting to leave he like this. She raised her head as high as she could before speaking.

"Members of the Weasley family, I regret to inform you... the Ginny Weasley has been taken into the chamber of secrets... and the message from the heir of Slytherin states that her skeleton will lay there forever..." her voice cracked as she spoke. Persy was practically falling to the floor as Fred and George stared wide eyed.

Tears were shed as (Y/N) clung to me. I myself was almost moved to tears by the saddened feeling in the room. But I kept my composure as the boys began to shout and sob, wishing to see their only sister again. All I could do was hold my (Y/N) as she sobbed into my robs.

My mind then thought of Potter and his friend. They obviously knew Ginny was caught and were going after that monster. I wonder... have they found the entrance?

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