Chapter 1

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Your POV

You open your bottle and sprnkled a bit into your cauldron. You were in the potions room. You offended skipped breaks or lunch to do potions, and professor Snape didn't mind you because of how quiet you were. When you were in actual class, you were straight A student. Many people say that professor Snape has taken a liking to you, but you just thought it was because you were in Slytherin.

You watch your potion change to a pretty green and you smile as you look at Neville. He seems confused on what to put in the potion, and you look over to see what he suppose to be making. Aging potion! You thought as you turned back to your potion. You pull out a plant and pour a bit of the potion into a bottle. You cast an color changing spell, changing the plant to yellow. You then drop your potion onto the plant. Lets pray this works! You watch the plant and it didn't change back. You smiled as you look over to your professor. He looked at the plant and nodded before going back to his work. You finally completed it! You finally made a potion that makes spells or potions stay without wearing off! You sigh as you bottle some of the potion.

You were stopped by Neville's cauldron started to shake. You look at the ingredients in his hands and see that when those two are mixed... everything explodes. Wait! If Neville is making a aging potion... and if it mixes with mine... OH NO!!! You look up to see Neville by Snape with his standing up from his chair. "PROFE-" you were cut off by the cauldron blowing up and you being dunked with potion and you being thrown back hitting the wall, falling unconscious.

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