Chapter 7

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"What are you doing in here?" You could feel your face grow hotter. Professor Snape was right in front of you! He was staring at you with those dark eyes. A couple strains of his black hair was in his face as his stare deepens. You released that you were so focused on him, you forgot to answer. "W-well..." you stuttered, trying to find the right words "I c-came in to see what I would b-be doing" His face doesn't waver from its sturn tone. He then sighs and it seems he is second guessing something. You stepped to the side as he walked to the desk. "Today we are giving back tests and working on the next potion." He then walks off toward his chambers. You look at the time and you see that it's not even 6:30 yet! You walk down to your chambers and walked over to you books. You open them to try and find out which potion you would be helping with in class.

*Time Skip*

After a long breakfast, you walk with Snape to the classroom. Well, you say walk with him but, you were just 12 feet behind him. You look into the classroom, and you see everyone in their seats. This was going to be a LONG day...

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