Chapter 17

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Your POV

It was almost spring and it was warming up outside. But this was one of the cold nights and you were talking with Severus. A cold breeze flies in and you shiver. Severus looks over to you. "You alright?" He asks and you nod. "J-just cold..." you stutter and he sets down his book. He then brings you into his bedroom and lays you in the bed. You blushed a bit, but you knew that you would be fine. This happened the night after Christmas break. It got really cold and you didn't want to walk back, so you and Severus shared a bed. Now, each of you have an extra pair of clothes in each others bedrooms. Your eyes flicker and they fight to stay open. The last thing you saw before you fell asleep, was Severus climbing into bed with you.

*Time Skip*

Snape's POV

I woke up sweating. Sweating? When do I sweat? I look down and see (Y/N) up against my chest. I blush because of how happy and peaceful she looks. I smile at how cute she looks. My smile drops when I thought about who she looked like... Lily... Lily Evans... what was I doing? She wasn't Lily... so why do I care? My question went unsolved as I drifted back to sleep.

*Another Tim Skip*

Your POV

You woke up and you were greeted by Severus's chest. Your face goes ablaze as you look up at his sleeping face. You smile and you lay your head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall. You then just lay against him for the hours you were up.

After a while, Severus woke up and you 2 got dressed for breakfast. You didn't tell him that you were awake for a while. Now, you 2 were walking to the great hall, in silence. Your face has still a bit red and Severus noticed this. "Cold again?" He asks and you shake you head. "No it was... actually quite warm..." you reply, smiling. Severus then blushes and looks away. You giggle and you 2 walked into the great hall. You guys then talk while you sit and eat. You laugh a few times and Severus smiles till the Weasley twin stand up. "Ay! You 2!" They shout in unison, looking at you and Severus. "Just kiss already!" You knew this was a dare right away, but you blushed a bring red. You saw Severus brush a bright red too. The two boys were about to sit down when you pulled Severus over and kissed him. He was surprised at first, but gave in and kissed back. The great hall went crazy with the 'aw's and gasps of the students. Even some of the teachers gasped. You pull away and smile at him, with him smiling back. You look over to Dumbledore, who is smiling at you 2. You smile back and then look at Severus again. He smiles again.

Anon: Heya! Had to add the twins aye? Yup! I have some plans with them! Anyway, till you ready again!

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