Chapter 19🍋

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Ok... we're doing this!
This is a lemon!
If you don't want to read this part, you won't miss anything!
But if your a sinner like me, enjoy!

Your POV

Severus walked you over to the bed and pinned you to it. He kisses you deeply, but more like a normal kiss and a bit more passion. But you can feel the need for you poking through. He was holding back! You smile as you pull away. His face had a light dusting across his face. "No need to hold back, love..." you whisper into his ear. His face goes ablaze at your comment, and you chuckle.

"Aw! Did I make Severus Snape..." you then grab onto his already hardened member "Speechless?" Severus lets out a shakey moan in reply. He smirks up at you. "You nasty girl~" he chuckles before her grips both of you breast from under you bra. You moan out, not realizing that he had his hands up there before. You let go of his member and grabbed the rim of your shirt, pulling it off. Severus then lifts off your bra and continues the play with your now open breasts. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the second. You wanted him... no... you needed him. He noticed your inpatients, and started to rub you wet folds threw your underwear. "Severus~" you moan out and he shutters, trying to hold himself back. He looks down, breathing heavy, holding back so hard. "Please~" you moan out again. You lift up his face to look into your begging eyes. "Please! I need you~" you moaned out again.

This time, he broke. He almost ripped your underwear off, and started to eat you out like a savage beast. You scream out and grip his head as he continues to eat you out. "Severus!~" you scream out again. He pulled away from you had he took off his boxers. You hadn't realized how big he was. But you didn't care, you just wanted it inside of you! You moan and spread the folds of you wet pussy. He lined himself up and slowly pushed in. You squinted, and tears formed in the corner of your eyes. You then remembered that you were still a virgin. Severus then wiped your tears away. He moaned out because of how tightly you were around him.

After a few minutes, you gave Severus the go to start moving. He slowly moved in and out, groaning as you squeezed him. "Severus, please!~" you plead. "Please- Ahhh~ What?~" he replied. You grip the sheets. "Fuck me more!!!~" you yelled out. Severus then started to fuck you like there was no tomorrow. You screamed out and almost tore a hole in the sheets. "Y-YES!!!~" you scream as you wrap your legs around his pelvis. He then hit that one sweat spot deep inside of you. You scream more, signaling him that he just hit your spot. He thrusts into that spot over and over again. Severus then started to groan much louder as you feel his member twitch inside of you. "Severus!~ Cum in me!~" you yell at him. He then shoves his member so far back into you.You scream as you cum all over him and he fills you with cum.

Your legs twitched as you worked down from your high. Severus groaned as he pulled out of you with a pop. He lays next to you and smiles. "Mmm... goodnight..." you mumble as Severus wraps you 2 in a blanket. You 2 then fall asleep safe and sound.

Anon: God I just did that... ooh! Wow... I feel my sins crawling up my back... Anyway! Speaking of Undertale! I was wondering if any of you would like to see an Undertale story! I already have one in mind, but I want your opinion! Well, anyway... Till you read again! Bye!

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