Chapter 25

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Your POV

After the worrisome train ride, you finally made it to Hogwarts. You searched for the boys, but couldn't find them. So you went to the great hall, knowing the 1st years were already sorted. You walk into the room and everyone turned to you. Severus then spots you. You started to tear up because the last time you saw him was the 2nd of June. He stands and starts to walk to you. You run to him and jump into his arms. He holds you tightly as you hug him. "I missed you..." you mumbled to him. "I missed you too..." he mumbles back. The great hall gets filled with the awws of students. You smile till you hear something weird from outside. You look up to see a car fly by the window. "IS THAT A BLOODY CAR?!" You shout.

*Time Skip*

Severus had went off to yell at the boys as you went out to the willow. You walked around the willow, slowly to not pose as a threat. You then notice a large cut into its wood. Without thinking, you walk up to the tree and look at the wound. "That looks bad... I'll get Hagrid to come out and fix you up." You told the tree. You realize your really close to the tree, so you back up. You look around to find the tree not doing anything but standing still. You sigh and walk back inside and walked to Severus's chambers. The dungeons were quiet as students went to bed.

Opening the door, you see Severus sitting in his chair and looked stressed as he looked up at the ceiling with his eyes closed. You chuckle as you walk in slowly, closing the door, and walked up to him. You then grab a blanket that was on the couch and tip toed over to him. His eyes were just about to open when you through the blanket on him. "Wha- (Y/N)! Again?!" He shouts as he pulls the blanket off. You sit in his lap and he sighs. "Did you really have to do that?" He asks as you snuggle into him. "Yes!" You reply simply "I had to because you looked stressed." He sighs again. You turn your body to him. "I know you dislike Harry-" he scoffs, saying you understated his hate for the boy. "But! You got to give him a chance... just because he looks like James, doesn't mean he is like him." Severus turns to you in shock.

"How did you-" he starts but you put your finger on his mouth. "Did you think your the only wizarding person I met up with this summer? I meet Dumbledore and had a... talk with him." You smirk as he grumbles at you knowing. "Hey..." you move his face to yours. "It's ok... I love you, and nothing will ever change that..." He lightly smiles as he kisses your forehead. You smile and turn around, facing the right way.

Severus then lays his head on your shoulder. "Thanks... I needed that..." he mumbles to you "And also-" He then licks your sweet spot on you neck. "S-Severus!" You gasp. "That is for throwing a blanket on me..." You gasp again as he continues. Fine! 2 can play that game! You chuckle in you mind. You then push into him more and he trys to hold in a gasp. Severus smirked and was about to bite down on your sweet spot until a knock came on the door.

You were confused, Dumbledore wasn't coming down today and no one else would really be down here. "Come in!" You shout, trying to hide your confusion. The door opened to, none other then, Lockheart. Dear Merlin... why? He walked in a bit. "Hello, Ms. (Y/L/N)" he said with a smile.

Snape's POV

I growled under my breath as he entered the room. "Hello, Ms. (Y/L/N)" He said to her in that disgusting smile he always had on his face. "...hi...?" She replied, confused. "I was looking for you, but when I couldn't find you, I asked around on where you would be." He told her. I see where this is going! Doesn't he know not to be here?! I held back a growl but my face went into a sneer. I scotched back into the car more and kinda hid behind her hair. "W-why?" She asked him and she scotched into me from fear. I then held in a gasp as she pushed into me again, trying to get away from the man. "Your special! A student turned into a teacher in seconds! And a beautiful one at that..." He went in to stroke her cheek but she pushed into me more, avoiding his touch. I wanted to help her, but she kept pushing into me and I tried to hold in my gasps and moans. "Leave..." she says simply. Lockheart then rolls his eyes. But I look at him with my death stare. Lockheart finally noticed I was there and he finally walked out.

She sighs. "That has uncomfortable-" she stops at me heavy breathing. "Severus? You ok?" She asks. "Y-your pushing into me..." I say to her. "O-oh sorry!" She replies and pulls away. "N-no..." I say to her and I pull her back. "I-it's fine..." She smiles and cuddles into me again.

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