Chapter 28

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Guess who's back b*tches?! Per the request of many people, and I mean many, I'm back with part 28. I'll hopefully update my other stories soon. I'm also going to skip a bit of the story, with everyone being petrified and such, seeing as the story wouldn't really change. And I'm lazy... Anyway, onto the story!

Your POV

It had been a while before Lockhart could even walk up to me, but he eventually did. He refrained from doing it as much as possible, but it didn't bother you. You've almost broke out laughing when he needed to talk to you and he tip toes over to you. These little spectacles helped to distract you from muggle borns being petrified left and right.

One night you took Severus's place as hall monitor for the night, seeing as he passed out hours ago. It was quite in the castle, aside from your footsteps and the occasional footsteps of other teachers. That's when you heard it. Something moving around. It wasn't a person, you knew that much. What really made you blood run cold was when the thing made a snake like noise.

You wanted to turn around right then and there to see what it was. But you decided against it. With adrenaline pumping, you tried to take a step so you could run. But you couldn't move. Did it petrify you? No. You were just to god damn scared to move. You then felt something go past your leg. When you looked down, and large snake was going down the hall to the Gryffindor commen room. You're heart pumped.

You opened your mouth to scream but nothing came out. Before you knew it, the snake was gone. It went into a room and you didn't want to see which room it was. Once it was gone, you took a deep breath, turned around, and ran as fast as you could.

On your way to your room, you bumped into Filch. "What are you doing?" He asked in his rough voice. You were breathing so quick at this point, you were close to hyperventilation. "Snake. Large. Huge. Terrifying. Going. Gryffindor. Terrified..." you mumbled. The care taker looked confused. You continued to walk as you held your head.

Finally getting back to your chambers, you opened the door and stumbled into your bedroom. Severys was sitting up and reading a book. You leaned onto the doorframe, still scared for your life.

Severus's POV

I had woken up a while ago, so I was reading a book to pass the time till (Y/N) got back. When she did return, it was much earlier than I expected. But that's not what startled me. She was whiter than the ghosts of each house as she leaned on the doorframe. "(Y/N)? Are you alright?" I asked, closing my book. She then moved over to me. As she sat down she hugged me and I hugged her back.

"(Y/N), can you please tell me what happened?" I asked again. "Snake. Large. Huge. Terrifying. Going. Gryffindor. Terrified..." she mumbled to me. I was confused, but I didn't press further.

*Le next morning, brought to you by the fellow audience members*

When I woke up the next morning, (Y/N) started to go on and on about the snake she saw. Little did she know, a Weasly disappeared that night. When she told Dumbledore about it, he tried to help (Y/N) calm down. She was so shaken.

Needless to say, she got the whole day off. I was then bombarded by the questions and chatter of. Every. Single. Class. I was so ready to tell Dumbledore I needed a day off to. I was so worked up for everything in this school. You would think having (Y/N) as help would ease the pressure, but it didn't. What added on this stress was that my mind was mainly on her and our future.

Should I ask her now? Are we ready to have a kid? Is she the one? What will happen to her when Voldemort returns? These questions kept running around my head. But, luckily, I kept them for after class. I just couldn't wrap my head around my love for her and when I should ask her.

But this train of thought was cut short when she entered the classroom as I graded papers. "Didn't you have he day off?" I asked her. She shrugged as she sat in my lap, facing the table. I rolled my eyes before finishing the last paper. She snuggled into me when I set my pen down. My mind went blank as we both grew tired. Fighting to stay awake, I realized how lucky I was to have her.

Idk anymore... can you tell I'm typing this at 1:30 am? Lol. Anyway, more parts coming out soon... yadda yadda yadda, till you read again (or when I post)

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