Chapter 24

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Your POV

Summer moved by SO SLOWLY!!! You and Severus wrote to each other a lot. You had even met up a few times. Then there was the one time Severus brought you home.... of boy...

You and Severus and went out to a coffee shop and went back to his place to discuss the classes and may have had a little fun. (😏) It was almost 12:00 am before Severus walked you home. You talked as you neared the house. "But you do have a nice set of pipes!" Jokes Severus. "My- You!" You playfully push him. He starts to laugh but stops when they get to the front door of your house. "Well... hopefully I'll see you agai-" you got cut off when the front door opens to your mom.

"Where have you been?!" She asks. Her eyes shoot open and you and Severus blush. "Who... is this?" She asks, pointing at Severus. "Mom... this is Severus. My partner for school and my..." you look at Sevrus then back to your mom. You mom catches on and looks between you 2. She smiles. "Alrighty then! Come in love!" She waves to you and walks inside. "Bye Severus..." you say to him and walk inside.

You and your mom then had a LONG talk afterwards... but you kinda left out the part that you 2 already did it... twice...

*Time Skip*

It's finally time! Time to go back! You kissed your parents goodbye as you grabbed you bags and walked into 9 and 3/4. You personally choose to ride the train. You sat in a open compartment and waited. The lady came by, asking if you wanted anything. You bought a chocolate frog but stopped her. "Have you, by chance, seen Harry Potter?" You ask her. You hadn't seen Harry, and hoped he was just in another part of the train. "No mam. But I still have one more car to go through." You nod. Maybe Herminone would know... you think to yourself before getting up to find the student. You look through the cars before you find Herminone, sitting alone. "Where are the boys?" You ask her. She turns to you. "I have no idea! I haven't seen them! Fred and George don't even know where they went!" She replies. You began to think. Where could they have gone?

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