Chapter 22

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Snape's POV

I had gotten home and walked around the house. So quite. I look into the living room and remember Christmas Eve with (Y/N). It felt nice to be with someone. To have that warmth in my heart again. But like every warm fire of love, the waters of life had to put it out. I was reminded that pain comes with love. I wanted her in my sight again. So I can look at her beautiful face and (E/C) eyes. I caught myself thinking about her. But I continued. No one was there to see me think of her. No one to see the blush across my face. No one to the smile on my face. No one to see me remember what happened that one night. A house self then walked past with a dust pan and walked off into a room. Well... except for them... I think to myself.

Your POV

You had gotten home and cleaned up your room. You also fixed it up so it suited you. You were now making the bed when Ki flies in. You smile as he lands on your dresser. "Come to see me?" You ask the bird. He nods and continues to sit and watch. You roll your eyes and continue making the bed. "(Y/N)!" Your mother calls from downstairs. "Yes?!" You call back. "We're going out! We'll be leaving Ki here ok?!" She calls to you. You look at the bird then back to your door. "Ok, mom!" You shout to her. "Bye, hon!" She calls to you before you hear the front door close. You continue with the bed.

*Time Skip*

Your room was complete. And now you were sitting on your bed, doing school work. Severus gave you some sheets to work on for the classes you would be doing alone next year, like Hufflepuffs with Ravenclaws. Ki had flown over and laid next to your leg. You continue to write. You then see Severus's name. Your fluttered as your mind moved to your memories of the man. Ki then rubbed his head on your leg. You got an idea.

You grabbed a blank piece of paper an started to write to him. You finish and nudged Ki. He looked at you as you held up the letter. He perked up. He never really sent letters. Mia usual delivered the mail. He hopped to your window. You tied the letter onto his leg with a black string. You tell Ki Severus's address and opened the window. Ki then flies off to his house. You wave him off as he slowly disappears into the horizon.

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