Chapter 2

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Your POV

You groan as you open your eyes and you feel yourself in a bed. I bet I'm in the hospital wing... you thought as you sit up. "What happened?" You ask before the memories come flying back. WAIT!!!!! You grab a mirror off a table then look into it. "I LOOK LIKE A 30 YEAR OLD WOMEN!!!!!!!!" You shout as the door opens.

Dumbledore's POV

I walk down the hall to check on Miss (Y/L/N) when I hear a shout from the other side of the door. "I LOOK LIKE A 30 YEAR OLD WOMEN!!!!!!!!" I chuckle outside the door. Seems she is awake! I thought as I open the door to see Miss (Y/L/N) stand at the side of her bed with a mirror in her hands, looking over to me in a hospital dress. "H-headmaster!" She stutters and she puts the mirror down. I walk in. "It's fine, Miss (Y/L/N)" I told as she looked at me. "We have already sent your family a message of the incident, tell them that we will provide for you, if you choose to stay."

Your POV

Did Dumbledore just say I could stay?! You asks yourself in disbelief. "What do you mean?" You ask in shock. "I, and the Ministry, say that it would be fine for you to stay and may assist in a class of your choice till we-" "POTIONS!!!!!!" you cut him off. "Oh uhhh..." you mutter as he chuckles. "Alright, if that is your choose! But you might want to change before we tell the students." He says as he starts to walk out and closes the door.
Shot... what will me friends think?!

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