Chaper 14

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Your POV

After your small kiss with Snape, you grew more close. You 2 started to visit each other and Snape had actually properly asked you out. You happily excepted and went out a few times, or just sat and talked. Today, you were teaching the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Snape had trusted you to teach them by yourself. A Ravenclaw then raised her hand. "Yes?" You ask, looking at her. "Professor (Y/N), is it true that you and professor Snape are having an affair?" Your face turn bright red. Rubbing the back of your neck, the kids started to smile. They all realized that the answer was yes. "But isn't professor Snape mean?" Asks a Hufflepuff. "Oh, Severus is a nice man. It's just that he has a lot of wall..." you confess. "But... how long?" Asks another Hufflepuff. "Halloween..." you say, looking away. The students were then shocked. It was almost Christmas which ment you were with Snape for 2 months. For the rest of the class, you finished the assignment quickly, cleaned up, then had a long talk about crushes and dates. You loved being a teacher.

*Time Skip*

Christmas was only 2 days away, so wanted to get Severus something. You had bought him a large black scarf but you wanted to add something. So, you went out and found some Slytherin green tassels. Once you got back, you sowed them on yourself and it turned out perfect. But, when you were out looking for the tassels, you found a picture frame that was half black and half (F/C). You bought it too and attached a tassel to the top right corner. After finishing everything, you placed the picture frame at the bottom of the box then put the scarf on top of it. You close the box and slide it under your bed when there was knock at your door. Opening the door, you see Snape standing. You let him in and he sat down. "So... where do you wanna spend Christmas?" He asks and you look at him confused. "I know that your parents agreed for you to make your own decisions." He explains. "So would you like to spend Christmas somewhere else?" You stand there and think. Then it hits you. "Why not your place? Your house I mean... no one would really bother us..." you suggest. He nods and smiles.

After a long planning process of 2 hours, it was final, you were going to Snape's. You started to pack and told the teachers afterwards. A few ended up giving you their gifts for you and Snape to bring with. You gladly accepted and stacked them up, along with yours, next to the door. You 2 were leaving tonight and having a nice day tomorrow. Snapes walked in and saw the stack of presents. "(Y/N), what are these?" He asks. "Those are the presents from everyone!" You reply and he rolls his eyes. You 2 then walk down to dinner and sit down. The few students there jabbed away till Dumbledore stood. "As all of you know, many of your friends and teachers have left. But tonight professors Snape and (Y/N) are leaving for their Christmas break. So the dungeons will be off limits till their return. You smile as the same Ravenclaw who raised her hand before came running up and handed you a present. "Thank you!" You say and goes to sit back down. Everyone began to eat their food. You and Snape talked a bit about what to do tomorrow. Till Harry came up with a box. "Professor (Y/N)?" He asks. Snape glares at him as you nod. "Herminone wanted you to have this." He hands you the box with a perfect bow ontop. "Thank you Harry." You say as he goes to sit back down.

After the dinner, toy and Snape gathered for stuff and went to his house.

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