Chapter 8

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Your POV

You look around the classroom to see that it's Gryffindor and Slytherin, and Harry Potter! Why me? You thought as you walk into the classroom and it quites. Everyone watches you and you walk up to the front, sweating bullets, and wave. You get many weird starts, and saw a few talking about you. The gossiping stopped when Snape walked into the room. "Take out you books and turn to 142, gather the ingredients and mix." Snape looked at you and he rolled his eyes. He went to his desk and started writing stuff down. You look out at the class and see them getting to work, so you decided to make yourself useful and walk around. You pass by Herminone and smile at her perfect potion. You walk over to the Slytherins and looked a some potions. "Did you see (Y/N)?" whispers a boy in the front, which you knew was Malfoy "Yeah! She's so hot!" whispers another. "Wonder why someone so pretty wanted to work down here?" He whispers. "None of your concerns, Malfoy..." you say behind him, he turn to look at your angered face "And I suggest to not talk about teachers who are in the same room as you!" You then start walking back to the front. "Nevermind, I have my answer," Draco whispers. Oh hell no! You wipe your head around. "DETENTION Malfoy!" you yell at him "10 points from Slytherin!" Draco's face turns white. "That will teach you to think twice before talking about me!"

*Time Skip*

After yelling at Malfoy, everyone tried not to get on your bad side. You were now eating dinner, trying to ignore everyone who was talking about you. You almost got up and yelled at that blasted Malfoy again. Looking up, you see Snape looking at you. He then quickly goes back to his food. Chuckling, you stand and walk out to your chambers.

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