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Snape's New Flower by flamingfangirl
Snape's New Flowerby fangirl
Severus Snape falls in love with a student (reader), following the Battle of Hogwarts. Updated every Tuesday and Saturday until complete!
Broken But Beautiful SnapexReader by kpop_fan122
Broken But Beautiful SnapexReaderby Megan
My name is Y/N L/N. I am a fifth year in Gryffindor. I have secrets that none knows about me. Not even my closest friends. I feel so alone. But one day, Snape comes into...
The Potions Master by ayallaisntokay
The Potions Masterby ayallaisntokay
Please remember to vote and save to your reading list, comment too, it keeps me going ^^! ~ Y/n L/n, a small short girl who has been attending Hogwart's for only a year...
severus snape imagines 🐍❤️ by bibli0thecary
severus snape imagines 🐍❤️by bibli0thecary
"will you ever fall in love with me?" "i can't even fall asleep." the stories will be reader insert. this book includes many different stories (not...
Living Two Lives by taynuzzwuzz
Living Two Livesby T Nuzz
You joined the Order of the Phoenix in your last year at Hogwarts and you have finally gained the trust of its members. Dumbledore wants to send you in as a spy for the...
Sweet Serenity by TomoDachiChan
Sweet Serenityby Tomodachichan Desu
Serenity | the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled |
The Seer and Half-Blood Prince (Snape X Reader) by inezahime
The Seer and Half-Blood Prince ( Ineza
I assume I'm a bit too late with Snape X Readers, but I hope you like it XD (Y/n) was a Harry Potter fan that apparently fell in love with Snape. Hang around as she shif...
Tutoring | Severus Snape x Reader by SkyeTheKiller
Tutoring | Severus Snape x Readerby BLAOR
'Dear (L/N), I apologise for the sudden owl however I would like you to start staying after potions on Fridays for tutoring.' Cover by @lillypotter00
Snape imagines  by fa1ryskull
Snape imagines by <3
hi! i don't see many snape fan fics so i decided to write one. This'll just be a collection of imagines, not a whole story. Bare with me on this, i'm not the best write...
Snape's  Lover SeverusSnapexreader by smokey183727
Snape's Lover SeverusSnapexreaderby smokey183727
This story is about a girl name Y/N Lupin. She does something that no one knows about. Her fathers are Sirius and Remus. Her secret is found out by the one and only Prof...
The only way to cope. Snape X reader by Horcrux-934
The only way to cope. Snape X Horcrux-934
After Y/N family was taken in a serious accident she had to learn to be alone. When she starts learning some unhealthy coping strategies, it's up to someone to help.
Snape x Reader: Lil' Tsundere by Sig_num
Snape x Reader: Lil' Tsundereby Signum
You and Severus Snape have settled in a little house near the edge of the woods. This book is about the daily life of Snape and (Y/N)! ( Cover Art by me. )
Harry Potter Imagines Snape X Reader by Thisdatea
Harry Potter Imagines Snape X Lenna
A collection of Harry Potter imagines mainly featuring Severus Snape and his love interest - the reader. Although all of the chapters circle around the same theme, they...
 Snape X Reader by moonmoo_
Snape X Readerby 💐🌼
Goblet Of Fire Time Y/n is 18 and a recent graduate of Hogwarts. she was asked to be Professor Snape's assistant, usually Snape would have a problem with it but he's in...
Harry Potter Fanfiction | various x reader imagine | (Smut) by PeachyWaifuu
Harry Potter Fanfiction | Peachy Waifu
♡ Harry Potter Fanfiction Various x Reader one shots •these are all Harry Potter one shots I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters, some of these are lemons a...
Melody Of Love (Severus Snape x reader) by Doctor_Silence
Melody Of Love (Severus Snape x Doctor_Silence
A tale older then the Deathly Hollows. The story that told the origin of how magic came to be. What if the last descendant of the eldest magic users joined the Potter fa...
Strictly Forbidden (snapexreader) by romance_thot
Strictly Forbidden (snapexreader)by romance_thot
**This story will begin during your first year and end during your last. Don't worry, Severus will not have feelings for y/n till she is at legal age because I know some...
Snapes lover by S_imp101
Snapes loverby BigSimp
This is a Snape x Reader story. Y/N L/N is a 16 year old girl who was in last two years at Hogwarts. She has liked Professor Snape since she first met eyes with him. Mar...
RIVALRY 💚(SNAPE X READER) . iya chika raven
Severus was your rival in hogwarts. You always compete with each other in every subject especially potion.
The Amazed Child by DamonVAwrites
The Amazed Childby Damon
a Girl who just arrived at Hogwarts Named Y/N M/N L/N she got Sorted into Hufflepuff But she held a Secret That her parents abused her...! Will the Professors Find out?