Chapter 20

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Snape's POV

I woke up sore. Why am I- oh... yeah... well, luckily it's the weekend... I moved my arm to feel that she was cuddled up to me. How did we get to here? Why now? Why me? Out of everyone at Hogwarts, it was me... why would she choose me? Why did I fall for her?... I tried to think of Lily again. Feel the warm memories of her, the ones I use to summon my patronus. But it didn't feel right... it didn't give me the same feeling. Suddenly, my mind wandered. Since when does my mind wonder? That question then got lost in my thoughts of (Y/N). As I thought of the women against me, I got that feeling... the feeling I used to feel when I thought of Lily. I loved this women more than I ever loved Lily... maybe now it's time to... to finally ask... no... I'll wait... next year.

Your POV

You woke up to the cold. You look over and see Severus putting his stuff on. "Pass me mine, would ya?" You say. He looks over and hands you a fresh pare of clothes. "Thank you..." you say, trying to sit up. Your legs were so sore. You slip them on and lay back. "What in Hogwarts did we do?" You ask and you look up and the ceiling. "I guess we had a good time!" Severus smirked at you. You sit up and snear. "Severus!" You yell and he bursts into laughter. Your snear falls as you see him turn a bit red from laughter. You smile and playfully pushed him. "You!" You say and he continued to laugh and you joined in.

You 2 then stop when you hear the click of a camera. You look over to Dumbledore holding a camera with Mcgonagall next to him. Your faces turned white but soon became a deep red. "Well, we must take our leave!" Dumbledore states as he and Mcgonagall walk out. "We taking it to the newspaper?" Mcgonagall whispers to him. "Most likely..." he whispers back. You and Severus get up. "NO!" You shout in unison. Dumbledore quickly handed Mcgonagall the photo as she turned into her cat form and ran off. "Mcgonagall!" Severus shouted after her as she ran for dear life. You 2 ran after her and past students. You somehow caught up with her and was just about to grab her when Mrs. Norris ran by and grabbed the picture, then turned the corner. You ran after her. "NORRIS HAS IT!!!" You shout at Severus as you followed. The cat then ran into the newspaper room. You and Severus arrive at the door right when they were about to print the photo. "NO!!!" You both shout, but it was too late. The kids then started to print the photo. They look at you 2 and you 2 lay on the ground. Dumbledore and Mcgonagall then walk over. "How was the exercise?" He asked. You too glare at him. "Go to hell..." you say in unison. They then started to laugh. You look over at the kids. "Hey!" You call to then, and they look over. "You got the original?" You ask and they nod. They then gave it to you the photo and you smile. You and Severus were laughing and looked so happy.

*Time Skip*

You were getting ready for class. The kids finally finished the article and were handing it our among the students today. You and Severus were prepared for what was coming next. But, you still had to teach. Severus was already on his way to the classroom and you were now walking out. You then pass by the black and (F/C) picture frame with the green tassel. It was sitting on Severus's desk and it was full of life with the photo of you and Severus laughing.

Anon: Finally! Yes! I did it! Now all I need to do is write even more chapters! Ok, so next chapter will be the last day of Hogwarts. I wanted to skip all the other stuff... but! Just wait till the next year! Hehehehe! But, till you read again! Bye!

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