Chapter 4

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Your POV

Why Dumbledore? You groan as you wave and see your friends in shock. You internally screamed when you look over to see every teacher looking at you. "Um... c-could you... not...?" You ask, trying to not run for your life. Your eyes then lock with professor Snape, with him quickly looking away. "As I was saying..." Dumbledore continued "She has made an assistant to professor Snape, for the time being." Everyone gasps in shock onto why you would be with Snape. REALLY DUMBLEDORE!!!!!! you scream in your mind, trying not to yell at the man.

After everyone was done and left, you got up to leave. You started to walk toward the Slytherin house, out of habit, till you stop and groan. "Oh yeah..." you mumble as you turn and walk to your chambers, that Dumbledore showed you. You walked down to your chambers, which where by the potions class but bumped into someone. You feel on the floor and looked up to see who you ran into.

Snapes POV

I walked from my class toward my chambers. Why did Dumbledore make her my assistant?! I didn't need one! My mind raced on why she would allow him to make her MY assistant. But as I thought more of her... I couldn't get her out. Her (H/L) hair... those (E/C) eyes... OH SNAP OUT OF IT!!! I screamed in my mind. SHE IS A STUDENT! I remind myself. I wasn't paying attention, so I ran into someone. WHO WOULD DARE TO COME DOWN HERE- I stop myself when I see (Y/N) on the ground. I clear my throat, holding back a blush as I spoke. "Why are you down here?" I ask as she stands. "Dumbledore took the liberty to put my chambers down here..." she grumbles crossing her arms. I groan as I continue to walk, trying to ignore her. I say 'try' but my mind ran right back to her. Why can't I get her out? I thought as I enter my chambers. Why can't I keep my mind off her?

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