Chapter 11

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Your POV

"It's none of your business, (Y/L/N)!" Says Snape, getting out of your grip and turns to walk off. You turn him back around and look at him with a stare. "It is my business, Severus! Your hurt and your going to tell me what happened!" You say in the same serious tone you used on Draco. You then could've sworn Snape started to blush, he then trys to pull away. "It's none of your business!!!" He repeats. "Severus Snape! It is my business to help you!" You say, getting close to his face. He looks away at your answer. So, without thinking, you cup his cheak with your hand and turn him to look at you. "Please, Severus..." you look at him with worried eyes as your tone turns loving. "Tell me so I can help you..."

His face goes a blaze, but you think he didn't notice. He looks away, thinking, then looks back and nods.

*Time Skip brought to you by the one reader who just farted* (You know who you are!)

"So... the stone is being protected by this 'Fluffy'... and you went to check on it when it bite you?" Snape nodded from his chair. You 2 were sitting in his chambers, talking to each other. You look up at him to see his blushed face. "Oh my goodness! You a little bottle of Amortentia!" You giggle. "W-what?!" His face goes more red. "Oh! And he stuttered! Yes!" You start giggling as he stands. "How dare you speak to me like that!" He says. "Aw! Is my little Severus flustered?" You ask, smiling widely. "I-I am not!" He says, growing more red in the face. You start giggling at his cuteness. He crosses his arms and looks away. "Aw! Your so cute like that!" Snape's eyes then shot open as he looks at you in shock. You then caught your mistake and your face turned red. "I m-mean uhh! I must be going!" You said grabbing your papers and dashed out the door to your chambers. You had heard Severus try and run after you, but you had already gotten into your chambers and locked the door. Quickly, you put the papers down and got into the shower. "AGHHHH!!!" You groaned. "Why did I say that! Agh!!! There goes our relationship! Boom! Splat! Capote! Disappeared! Gone for thin air!" You yelled as you got out of the shower, got into your pajamas, and walked to your bed. "Probably hates me now... then EVERYONE is going to find out then- BOOM! Fred and George on my tail, Herminone disowning me, Hogwarts hating me, and SNAPE hating me!" You groaned as you lay in bed. You started to fall asleep as you calmed down.

"Why me?"

Anon: Hey guys! Sorry that it's been a while but school is coming up! As I said in the last chapter, I won't be able to post as much! But for sure the series will continue! I'm not planning on ending it anytime soon. So, until you read again everyone!

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