Chapter 12

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Snape's POV

D-did she just say...? Wait! "(Y/N)! WAIT!" I call but she is already running off. I run out into the corridor and try to chase her. She runs into her chambers and locks the door. I stop outside the door and caught my breath. Looking at the door, it hit me. Why was I chasing after this women? I thought, looking at the doorknob. I debated if I should open it or not. "Ah! Screw it!" I took out my wand "Alohomora" I say as the door unlocks. I walk in to see that her papers were thrown down and the bathroom door closed. I heard mumbling of talking as I get closer.

"Why did I say that! Agh!!! There goes our relationship! Boom! Splat! Capote! Disappeared! Gone from thin air!" She then walks out of the bathroom, not noticing me, putting on her shirt as she walks into her room. I feel my face heat up at that sight but walk into her room. "Probably hates me now... then EVERYONE is going to find out then- BOOM! Fred and George on my tail, Herminone disowning me, Hogwarts hating me, and SNAPE hating me!" She groaned as she layed in bed. I almost felt... sorry for her? Why? She then drifted to sleep. "Why me?" She mumbles before falling asleep. I bite my lip as I walk over to her. She layed there peacefully, soundless, and... shivering? She shivered from the cold. So, I pulled the covers over her as the shivers lessen. I walk out of the room, starting the fire, then organizing the mess of papers. I walk out and walk back to my chambers.

*Time Skip*

Your POV

You woke up with your (F/C) covers over you. Did I cover myself up last night? You get up and walk into the living room. You look over to see the remains of a fire that was burned last night. I don't think I started the fire... Looking around, you see your papers all nicely staked. "Ok! I definitely didn't do that!" Walking back, you see that your door is unlocked. Did... no... did Snape come in? Your mind raced that Snape had gotten in. You then started to blush. Did he hear everything? You then race to get dressed and you head to Snape's chambers. Seeing that it was 5:00 am, you didn't think that even Snape would be up. You knock on his door and it opens to a half asleep and annoyed Severus. He looked at you. "What is it?" He groans. "Were you in my room last night?" You ask. He nods as he walks back into his chambers. You then walk in too, closing the door. "H-how much did you hear?" I asked. "Enough..." he said, resisting the erge to yawn. You then started to madly blush. "About last night..." he says turning to you. You look at your feet, already knowing where this is going. "Did you mean it?" You look up at him. "Wha-" you were cut off by his voice. "Did you mean everything you said?" He asks. "Oh course I did!" You shout and he looks at you in shock. "What did you think?! That I was pulling a Gryffindor?! No!" Tears then started to form in your eyes. "I ment those words and I wish that I would've said more but I was scared, Severus!" The tears then started the flow. "I was scared that you wouldn't feel the same way! But you are so hard to read to the point that I don't know if you hate me or like me!" He looks at you with his normal emotionless stare. "Yet that's... one of the things that I love about you... but it's so hard to... to tell you if I don't know..." You wipe your eyes. Snape then takes a step forward. "Don't!" You say in your stern voice. "I know what your going to say... save you breath from the students..." you turn and walk back to your chambers. You didn't hear anything other than your footsteps till Snape's door finally closes. Ears the started to flow again as you walk into your chambers and started to sob. "Wow! Great going (Y/N)!" You say to yourself. "If he didn't hate you know he sure hate you now!" You then start to sob and you grab one of your pillows.

Anon: Heyo! Sorry for the weird chapter! I just wanted something new and this felt right. So, if you don't know, I started a new story! It's another Snape x Reader called 'Sevy'. So please go check it out because I really wanted to do this story for a while and I love the challenge of more than one story going! So till the next time you read!

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