Chapter 29

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Your POV

When you woke up, the sun was in your face. Checking the time, you see class was going to start in 30 minutes... shit! You violently shook Severus awake, told him the situation, and promptly started to freak out. Both of you ended up running to the room to get cleaned up. You both walked back though, to not arouse suspicion. Luckily, you made it back in time to start class. As well as to witness 2 Gryffindor's walking in late. The 2 unlucky boys were, you guessed it, was the chosen one and his clingy friend. Before Severus even got to then to tell them off, Hermione already told them off. What almost made you laugh was her slapping Ron for saying something back. Woo! Go girl! You cheered in your head.

Throughout class, you could hear people whispering about Harry the whole time. You figured out from the chatter that they all thought that Harry was Salazar Slytherin's descendant. You were really confused. Harry wasn't Salazar's heir... was he? You had a little mental debate in your mind and zoned out. Little did you know, people were trying to get your attention.

Severus's POV

(Y/N) went in deep though over something, but I didn't think much of it till 3 minutes later... when she was still thinking. "Is Ms. (Y/L/N) ok?" Mumbled a student. That's what I was thinking. I thought. Walking over to her, I saw her just blankly staring into floor. I poked her, but she didn't do anything. I waved my hand in front of her, she didn't do anything. "Ok, this is getting ridiculous... (Y/L/N)... (Y/L/N)!" I grumbled. The students snickered.

I tried multiple things and it didn't work. Even shoving her didn't work. Students started to laugh, but I just took away points. They started to give me suggestions and I didn't listen. "(Y/L/N)... (Y/N)... (Y/N)! (Y/N), do you hear me?" I yelled. The class erupted into aw's and gasps. She then smiles, looks up at me, and chuckles.

"Yes?" She asks innocently. I frown. "Did you just ignore me so I would say your name?" I asked. She smiles. "Not only that but in front of-" she points to the students "Them!" I stared at her for a second. "Really? You waisted a whole class period for that?" I asked. She started to laugh.

It is done! Ha ha! More will come, I promise. Till you read again! Bye!

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