Chapter 30

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Hello readers. I have something to tell you! The next chapter is going to be a q & a where I'll answer questions you have. Now, if you have a question for me, write it on this paragraph or on this chapter. Can't wait to answer them all! Back to the story!

Your POV

The rest of the day went by with a lot of gossip about Harry. It honestly got annoying. But the evening held it's own horrors. It all started with you walking with Severus to your chambers. You were talking about the gossip you hear when Mcgonagall called all the teachers to the second floor hallway.

Racing there, you met up with other teachers as you made it to your destination. "As you can see, the heir of Slytherin has left another message." Mcgonagall said, motioning to the blood on the wall. "Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever..." you mumbled, barely above a whisper. "Our worst fear has been realized!" Paniced Mcgonagall "A student has been taken by the monster, into the chamber itself!" You couldn't believe what you were heard. A student? Who? When? You looked at Mcgonagall with a fearful look as she continued.

"The students must be sent home..." told Mcgonagall "I'm afraid this is the end of Hogwarts..." Your breath hitched at this notion. But before you could say anything, Lockhart walked up with a smile on his face. "So sorry, dosed off. What'd I miss?" He asked. You were ready to punch him when he said that, but Severus spoke up. "A girl has been snatched by the monster, Lockhart. Your moment has come at last." He said in his normal tone. His voice sent shivers down your spine, due to the cold strike it sent to Lockhart. "My m-moment?" The fool asked. "Weren't you saying just last night that you've know all along where the chamber of secrets is?" Severus asked. You resisted the erge to laugh. Lockhart stood there like a doofus as Mcgonagall continued. "That's settled. We'll leave you to deal with the monster, Gilderoy. You're skills, after all, are legend."

The man stood ther for a second before responding with a smile. "Very well..." he replied "ahh. I'll just be in my office gettin um..... getting ready..." With that, he walked off to his office. You rolled your eyes at the coward. "Who is it that the monster has taken, Minerva?" Asks Madam Poppy. "... Ginny Weasley..." Mcgonagall mumbled back. Your heart skipped a beat. A Weasley... how will her family take this? Everyone started to walk away, leaving you and Severus. "You alright?" He asks. You stayed silent before looking at him. "I have to tell the boys... I just have to..." you mumbled to him. He nodded. You started to walk away and to the Gryffindor commen room with Severus in tow.

The walk felt way to short. You 2 arrived at the fat lady. "What's the password?" Asked the women. You looked at her with sad eyes. "We must tell the Weasleys something important, regarding their sister..." you told her. She seemed startled at your statement, but quickly straightened. "Very well, you may enter..." The painting moves to reveal the Gryffindor commen room. You then braced yourself for the conversation ahead.

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