Chapter 32

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I heard the cry of my people to update

So I delivered

Snapes's POV

Although I didn't want to leave my poor (Y/N), I had to go find those boys. After a few minutes of everyone crying, and cleared my throat and she looked at me. "I think we should find Ron, he should be told," I told her, keeping my voice down. She nodded. "You want to stay here?" I asked. She nodded again. I sighed as I calmly left the room. But when I got out of the dorms, I sprinted towards Lockheart's office. If those boys were going to any teacher right bow, it would be him.

I ran past multiple paintings who yelled at me to slow down before I got to that pervert's office. But I was greated with an already open door, half packed things, and now Lockheart. I cursed before running outside the room. I turned to the nearest painting and asked where Lockheart and the boys went. When she told my the girl's restroom, I paused for a moment before running there.

When I entered the bathroom I saw the sinks wide open. I walked up to it and looked down the pit to see a Mr. Weasley, Potter, and Lockheart trying to get back up.

Your POV

Once Severus left, I tried to calm myself and the Weasley's down. After a few minutes, I got them all to sit down and to calm down a bit. "What are we going to do?" Mumbled Percy. "What can we do?" Replied the twins. I hung my head. Nothing I could say would cheer them up. But I tried anyway. "Why don't we all think happy thoughts? Instead of thinking of the worst outcome, how about we say the best?" I suggested. The room was quiet till Fred spoke.

"Ginny will make it out alive, not a scratch on here?" Fred tried. George chuckled before adding, "Then we tell her off for making us worry!" Persy smiled. "We'll send a owl to our parents that everyone is ok...."

I couldn't help but smile. I really do hope that the best outcome will happen. Just gotta have hope.

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