Chapter 3

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Your POV

After you had gotten dressed with the clothes that they left you. You walk out a start the walk to the great hall. So uncomfortable... you thought as you look at yourself. You look up to see the great hall with one extra chair for you next to... professor Snape. You look at your former teacher as a blush dances across your face. You hadn't realized how much you liked the man. Breathing in, you start to walk into the hall, trying not to get too much attention. You sit next to Snape, trying not to look unprofessional or nervous as you felt his eyes on you. As you pecked at your food, you could hear kids talking about you and you got many looks from them.

Snape's POV

Who was this women? Dumbledore never mentioned a new teacher, and there were no positions open. I never seen this women before yet... I feel like I have... and I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. Get it together! I thought as I finished my food. Dumbledore stood and the hall fell quiet. "As many of you have noticed, Miss (Y/L/N) as been in a accident with potions." he spoke across the hall. I had almost forgotten about (Y/N), wonder what happened to the girl. "During the accident," he continued "Miss (Y/L/N) was hit with an aging and a unchangeable potion. Because of this, Miss (Y/L/N) changed drastically and we have decided that she will be an assistant teacher here until otherwise." He gestured to the woman next to me and it finally hit me. She was (Y/N)!

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