the past

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The Past

Arnav and Khushi came out of the lift holding aashi's hand.

"we had so much fun na , ASR you are so cute, you should meet my friends down ,they will love you .you will come na to play with me again ?" aashi asked making wide eyes .

Arnav bend down to aashi's height and kissed her nose " of course aashi ."

"chalo aashi , ma must have come and la too must be waiting for you ." she said holding aashi's hand.

Hearing la's name , aashi got super excited and quickly gave ASR a kiss on his cheek and bid him good bye running towards their apartment.

As they saw aashi going away , they both smiled to each other and arnav turned saying goodbye.

"arnav wait" khushi put a hand on his shoulder.

Arnav turned to her. "yes?"

"uh I wanted to .....i wanted to......"she fiddled with her saree pallu.

" khushi , I hope you forgive me and forget all that happened. I know this is difficult but you know you need to stop let this all strangle you day by day. I am sorry for today too. "arnav said solemnly looking into khushi's eyes.

Khushi removed arnav's coat from her shoulders and handed it back to him.

"I don't know , arnav. Nevertheless ,thanks for spending your precious time with me and aashi today.she looked really happy."

"I know , she is very beautiful and cute just like you were in childhood , just that her hair is not like yours.."

Khushi gave a silent goodbye and walked away to her apartment .

"if only I could get back that khushi ... who would not hesitate to smile without a reason ."arnav sighed and went to his apartment.


" ASR is sooooooooooooo good , sooooooooo handsome" . aashi said animatedly . she had really liked arnav. "you know he first bought me two ice creams , then he went to play in game zone with me and then he bought red roses for me , maa , he is my favourite."

" aashi , you shouldn't call any uncle by his name and where did you meet ASR?" Anjali asked her in a concerned tone.

"maa , mum had brought him with her to pick me up from school." Aashi said sitting on anjali's lap. " And he only told me to call him ASR not uncle because he doesn't look like an uncle na. I toh think I should marry him . beautiful aashi , handsome ASR , perfect couple!"

Anjali giggled at aashi's cute idea . but then remembered how sad khushi looked when she came home. She decided to go and talk to her about ASR.

"aashi beta go watch TV for some time then I will give you dinner.go!!"

Aashi nodded and hopped her way towards the living room.


" this sounding like a recollecting your past episode , khushi . I hope you are fine , how will you handle ASR's presence now with your feelings bubbling over ?" lavanya asked concernedly putting her hand over khushi's shoulder.

"what happened?" Anjali asked entering the room. " and why did you take ASR to pick Aashi? I thought someone said ,its only professional?"

K :I didn't take him there , he came himself behind me

A : why?

L : haw , is he stalking you , tell me khushi ? I will break his face

K : no he wasn't stalking me he came to apologize .

L : ( sarcastically ) why ? for what happened years ago ? what's the use of crying over spilt milk now?

K: he made his own assumption that aashi was his and mine daughter and then blamed me that I hid our child from him , like it typically happens in novels, movies , serials..........

L : how can he blame you like that?

A : I think he thinks about you a lot , that's why he..........

K : not only that , I wanted to talk to you about something .shyam jha was at the office today.

L : what that *******! What was he doing there ?

A: shyam .....shyam ( moved two steps back ) , aashi is fine right , he didn't do anything to her right tell me khushi ( concernedly)

K : no , he tried to beat me when I rebuked him about what he did to you. he is going to rent us the set . he was as disgusting as ever bloody pervert , he said it would have been better if I would have married him , then I wouldn't have got divorced and all that shit...( disgustedly)

L: I will beat the shit out of him. Are you fine , Anjali ,don't be disturbed by him.

A : khushi , lavanya , as long as he is away from aashi , he doesn't matter to me even the slightest bit .you just stay away from him khushi , he is the worst thing in this world. He is a closed chapter of my life .he means nothing to me . some bad things if forgotten make your life better than ever.

K: ( turning towards her ) what do you mean ?

A : all the bad memories I had were being a barrier from me leading a happy life with aashi. It was very difficult to forget all those awful tortures , abortions ,and what not ! but then I remembered that I have to live my life ahead and these memories were strangling me.

Then I decided to forget them .because I wanted a happy life.

K : so you mean to say I should forget all that he did.

L: only if you want a peaceful life.

A: not only forget , forgive arnav , khushi . he said sorry right.

K: forgive him , he broke my trust ! he played with my heart ( tearfully)

A: even if shyam would ask me sorry now na , I would forgive him . you know why cause I want peace.

In your case don't forget ASR not only loves you but also he cared for you , saved you from that witch indrani's torment, protected you from becoming another victim to shyam and his mother , gave treatment to your father and what not .......

Aashi told me how he spent time with you both .you think he is doing this just for a simple sorry . no khushi , he repents his mistake , he maybe wishes a future with you that's why he got the thought of a child.

Think about it.

Don't kick out your fate when it is at last offering you something good , at least not because of the past.


also in the above conversation k is khushi , l is lavanya and a is anjali

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