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5 years later.....

Khushi is running around the house with a small tshirt in her hands.

Aashi came in to the hall with a pencil in her hands.

" mumma , are you racing with aru?"

" no , he ran away from the bathroom after I forcedly bathed him. He is roaming in the house with only his chaddi on . he will catch cold. Aashi , baby try to catch him na." khushi spoke as she panted for breath.

Aashi nodded and checked behind each and every curtain to find her baby brother. He was just three years old but was very naughty. He kept khushi on her toes always.

Aashi went towards the room on her right .it was a quite large room , with white walls and navy blue curtains.

The walls were decorated with photo frames . one of arnav and khushi's childhood where khushi was making a funny face towards the camera while arnav pulled one of her ponytails.

Another photo in a square frame was of arnav's parents with him and khushi.

Another photo was of khushi's father ,shashi with them both on either side.

An adjacent photo was of the day before lavanya's wedding where like a family arnav, khushi , lavanya , niall , Anjali and aashi were standing and posing.

The last photo was from the hospital where khushi was on the hospital bed holding a day old arush in her arms, looking towards arnav while he was kissing arush's forehead and aashi was smiling towards the camera sitting beside the bed.

There was a black ebony table and chair at the left side of the room where the most loved person of her life sat. her papa!

Above the table was a huge photo , hung on the wall.

Arnav , dressed in a black three piece suit, smiling, one hand on their daughter , aashi .while his other arm was held by khushi who had her other arm on their son, arush who was wearing a suit matching to arnav's. khushi was wearing a red coloured saree gown and aashi had worn a red princess frock.

" papa , have you seen aaru? Mumma has been searching for him for quite a while ." aashi chirped keeping her hand on arnav's shoulder.

Arnav looked upwards to aashi and adjusted his specs

" aaru ? no he didn't come into this room."He said glancing towards the table .

Aashi bent down and saw little arush , hiding under the table , covering his eyes with his tiny palms and giggling.

" peek a boo little devil, I caught you , come on wear your shirt." Aashi said grabbing his arms.

Arush gave a wide naughty smile and caught aashi's hair

"no you no caught aru , aru caught di"

Aashi screamed " leave my hair aru"

Arnav bent and picked up arush freeing aashi's hair from his fist.

" no no " he showed his finger to arush " good boys don't pull girl's hair"

" accha , I think somebody should have taught you that mr. arnav singh raizada. Have you forgotten , how you used to pull my poor hair, my poor braids would pain as if they would come off." Khushi said leaning by the door running her hand through her hair.

Arnav left arush down and said "your hair would pain because they are weak , not like my aashi's hair strong and silky . clinic plus right" he said like if he was endorsing aashi's shampoo brand.

Khushi hmphed as arush approached her taking baby steps.

"stop I am not talking to a shirtless baby, wear your shirt then I will talk to you." She said sternly showing her fingers to arush.

" mumma , me saman kan."He said with a cute lisp.

"yes khushi you enjoy seeing salman khan shirtless then ,why not my son , come little boy I will make you wear a shirt." Arnav said picking arush up again.

" what the ! you are trying to steal my son!I shall not spare you ASR." Saying that she pounced over him and took arush in her arms.

" mumma likes you with your shirt on better, salman khan is a second choice , and your papa is third. come we will make you wear your shirt. " she said making a face towards arnav and left the room.

"what the, khushi ! really salman khan?" arnav exclaimed while aashi continued giggling.


At night , after khushi put aashi and arush to sleep she proceeded towards her room . she remembered all those years that she had spent with arnav .

5 years ago she had left for London with arnav and aashi , her father had returned back to Allahabad devoting his life to the temple after going on a pilgrimage with his relative. Lavanya and niall now had a four year old daughter and occasionally she visited her.

Arnav and khushi were enjoying their marital bliss again with an additional joy , aashi this time. and some time later, they were joined by their little naughty arush .

Arush was just like arnav and khushi's lost childhood. They never even thought about indrani again. They were happy with each other always fighting and teasing each other but at the end arnav would apologize as he couldn't bear to see khushi's tears.

And now her angrez lard governer was angry with her and she had to now console him. She said that salman khan is in her favourite list above mr. grumpy pants. And arnav singh raizada the great has become angry again , phir se .

But after what she will tell him now he will become happy again like before , phir se!

She entered their room and chirpily called out to arnav.

Seeing that he is not in the room, she frowned . she heard the sound of the shower and realized that he is inside the bathroom.

Then she smiled brightly as an amazing idea struck across her little head . she ran towards the drawer near her bed side and removed some papers from there. Her face shone like a LED bulb looking at them . she heard the bathroom door clicking and ran to keep the papers on arnav's study table. She knew he would go there first.

She went and pretended to be asleep on the bed.

Arnav came into the room and saw her sleeping .he put his hands on his waist and hmphed.

He went towards his study table to read the minutes of his previous meetings when his eyes suddenly fell on the bunch of papers kept near his files. He scrunched his face wondering what they were.

His expressions changed into joy as he read through the papers .

They were test reports confirming khushi's pregnancy.

He felt her engulfing him into a hug from behind . he held her hands as she said slowly

"I am sorry. You are certainly more important to me than salman khan."

" baby , phir se ?"

"um hmm" khushi nodded as he gave her a big hug and their hug was everlasting this time.

This is a happy beginning......

This is the end of phir se .i enjoyed writing this throughout and hope you all did too . tell me in the comments section which was your favourite part.

Arre haan somebody had asked me what does phir se exactly mean

Well it means once again.

Accha bye!

The compensation season 2 shall be updated on most probably my birthday.

And the season 2 to phir se shall be put up very soon so if you wish to give some suggestions, some criticisms ...you are most welcome.😀

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