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CH 13


“what !!??”

Arnav scrunched his face, “why are you so shocked !i just asked you to dance with me.this all was just to thank you for roaming me around the city.”

Khushi then realized that he had not asked her to marry him , maybe she was daydreaming ,not her fault , the ambience was like this , like how they propose marriages in movies.

“pakka you were asking me to dance only” she asked.

“maybe you didn’t hear me properly let me repeat ,ms khushi devi upadhyay will you bestow me the pleasure of having a dance with you ?”arnav smiled.

Khushi giggled “angrez lard governor”

“what, what did you just call me ?”

“LARD GOVERNER !!!!”and she ran away to her room with both the cakes “thanks for the cakes , Raizada ji!!!”

Arnav smirked and thought ,part 2 of mission accomplished.


“sir I didn’t understand!”

“when do you understand aman?”arnav chuckled on his armchair.

“sir you made these all arrangements to propose her then why didn’t you ?”

“who said I was going to propose her and give her the fairy tale wedding she wants !”

“but this all candle light , cake and etc etc are done then only when you are proposing a girl , I have seen in movies, read in books”

“you too fell for the illusion, aman ,sometimes what’s real is something you cant see. All these arrangements relate to proposing and all that shit ,so khushi’s mind must surely have thought of marriage with me at least once. This was all just to put in that thought in her mind ,without me actually saying all that crap to her. she is a storyteller right ,today I told her a story without saying a word about it to her.

Now you leave , I wanna sleep , that syam *mockingly* was really tiring”


Khushi sat on her bed with her laptop in her lap , typing the climax of her story with one hand while relishing the cake with the other hand .her mind yet wandered on arnav. She was putting the same terrace scene which happened with her as the climax of her story,dreamily.

Tu nazm nazm sa mere

Hontho pe theher jaa

Arnav turned to his right on his bed sleeplessly thinking of that friendship which khushi and dev held years ago.

Main khwab khwab sa teri

aankhon mein jaagu re

khushi’s mind then suddenly struck at dev , her childhood love . “no I cant fall in love with anyone except you ,dev .i was made for you !”she frowned to herself.

Tu ishq ishq sa mere

rooh mein aakar bas jaa

jis or teri shehnaai

us or main bhaagun re

a paper ball hit 15 year old dev on his head making him turn scrunching his face. It was not surprising for him to see khushi outside the door doing weird actions signalling him to come to the river bank once his class gets over. he smiled at her craziness.

Mere dil ke lifaafe mein

Tera khat hain jaaniya

Ter khat hain jaaniya ve

Naacheez ne kaise paali

Jannat ye jaaniya ve

Khushi and dev were on  the river bank when suddenly they both broke into a tiff. angrily dev went away .khushi ,angry on this also tried to move away but slipped and was about to fall into the river when dev came and held her hand pulling her into a hug . “ trust me , I wont ever let you fall”khushi giggled.

Haath tham le piya

Karte hain waada

Ab se tu aarzoo

Tu hi hain iraada

Khushi and dev’s family were playing blind man’s bluff ( the game in which the person has to catch other people with a fold of cloth over his eyes) she wasn’t able to catch any one so she frustratingly hit her foot against the wall hurting it . “AAH!!! DEV!!!” he immediately carried her in his arms and tended to her now violet foot.

Mera naam le piya

Main teri rubaahi

Dev and khushi both danced in the rains jumping on puddles ,skipping with the same rope.

Tere hi toh piche piche

barsaat ayi

barsaat ayi   

Dev was watering his plants when khushi came tiptoeing to play a prank on him .she turned the water supply off. surprised dev stared inside the water pipe to check for any blockage in the that very instant khushi turned back the water supply making him completely drenched. She came out of her hiding place giggling .dev then sprinkled water on her from the pipe.

Tu itr itr sa mere

Saanson mein bikhar jaa

An innocent khushi bent to dev’s shoulder while gazing stars “you will marry me na when I grow up”

“what , no ways , you will irritate me my whole life like the sankadevi you are” he teased her.

“you wont marry me” she cried .

“no no don’t cry I will marry you”he consoled her .

“promise ?”she looked upto him.

“pakka promise!!”

Main fakir teri qurbat ka

tujhse tu maangu re


Khushi stirred slightly as her alarm rang .it was time for her exercise and puja. she let out a big yawn and went into the balcony to do her excecise .she did the surya namaskara then stood up on her head .

One by one the whole last night came into her vision .she blushed thinking of everything arnav had done for her last night.his thought made her lose her balance and she fell !

“OUCH !this raizada na! he is really making me out of my mind. Why did I think of marriage with him? * gasps * marriage ,it is esha’s marriage !hey bhgwaan !get ready fast khushi”

And she ran towards the washroom.

He smirked from outside the door ,glad to know that my thoughts have already occupied your mind time for part 3 of plan to start ,khushi….


Quickly getting ready,adjusting her saree khushi descended downstairs to her sister esha’s room she had been assigned the duty of decorating her today.

After doing so ,she went to her mother who was talking to some man holding her hands together .who were they she thought ,as none of them were recognizable to her who were they?


I KNOW THIS CHAPTER IS VERY BAKWAAS .but it was just a filler  because I am very tense about when shall my result come out , Maharashtra board is not ready to tell us only.pray for my result to come out fast pls………..

The song is nazm nazm from Bareilly ki barfi one of my fav songs.hope you listen to it once.

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