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Ch 18


Last night was  a big change for arnav .he had let shyam go with khushi ,telling him to do all kinds of awkward things which assumingly for shyam shall impress khushi – you know that all dirty dancing. Once khushi gets scared of shyam’s motive ,he was sure she would try to run away, so arnav decided to come and be her knight in shining armour.

But fate had other plans, seems like when arnav came into the scene to become a hero ,shyam had already become the villain by making khushi drink something maybe alcohol. So arnav had to take a subconscious khushi with him ,who under the effect of god knows what spilled some beans to him about how much she admired her childhood friend ,dev .how her mother had forced her into believing that dev might want to kill her although her mind suggested contrary that he can never kill her. but because she worshipped her mother so much and would never go against her, she hadnt asked about or taken dev’s name in the past 10 years although he occupied her thoughts majority of the time.

Arnav was left flabbergasted on hearing this all ,this meant that khushi doesn’t remember what she did to his mother , she forgot her offence and expected her childhood love to return to her. would it be right to blame one for the offence she doesn’t even remember committing? He was utterly confused now ,so he decided to change his strategy .

He took her to a nice nearby hotel  and rented room for the night’s stay , he couldn’t take khushi go home in this state ,it shall raise fingers on her character.seeing khushi uncomfortable in her sequined blouse and saree he told her to change but she was adamant that he should help her to change her clothes.arnav closed the lights and helped her change making sure he didn’t touch her or see her inappropriately. then he made her wear his shirt and sleep on the bed .just to tease her ,he too slept there.

………..and now he was here cupping khushi’s face asking her if she would marry him? He knew her answer would be no , being the indrani ‘s puppet she was. In front of the whole world she was a headstrong woman but when it came to indrani she would be the meekest character possible. But he knew the way to cut down this puppets strings from indrani’s hands and take it in his own hands.

“will you marry me , khushi?”he asked making a hopeful face .

She gasped hearing this .she knew her heart beat was  for him but agreeing would be defying the two people the two people she loved the most : one her mother who has high hopes on getting her married off to shyam who shall clear up all their debts instead. The second being her dev , whom she had promised since childhood to be her marriage was announced ,she had made a promise to the moon ,may her body belong to anyone her mind and soul shall always be occupied by only and only him. But since this raizada has come into the picture ,her mind had diverted towards him and if she gets married to him then toh she fears she will forget dev!

“ sorry but I cannot marry you I cant defy my mother for anyone “she stood up and moved away.

“even if you love me”

she gulped hearing that ,did she love him ?

“kya farak padta hain , karungi toh main who hi jo maa kahengi”( it doesn’t matter , I will do that only what my maa says)she replied coldly hiding the tears in her eyes in a choking voice.and she moved further away.

“tabhi nahi agar main kahoon mere mann mein tumhare liye kuch feelings hain( even then no if I tell you I have feelings for you?)”

Khushi ‘s heart clenched at this .it was becoming more and more difficult to deny him.

“no !”she shuddered.she had almost come to the door of the room now.

“if I tell you that I came here ,from miles away ,for  the sankadevi you are? “

Khushi ‘s steps withdrew themselves from stepping outside the door.her mind paused on hearing the word sankadevi. This word had been used to describe her by dev’s father due to her crazy antics and dev had spent years teasing her with this name that she disliked so much.but how did arnav know?


Indrani waited impatiently near the door ,where the hell is this khushi .she hadn’t even seen that raizada since last evening .what if what manorama said was correct? What if really that raizada is khushi’s boyfriend?then what khushi ‘s life shall not be spared!

At that time khushi entered with arnav following her ,inside the haveli .

“KHUSHI !!!!”

Khushi stopped in her way and stared scared  at indrani.she cast a look towards arnav who gave her an assuring look.


Indrani took fast steps towards her andwas about to give her  a big slap

“indrani ji what are you doing ?”arnav gritted his teeth seeing indrani’s action,holding her hand,stopping her slap from reaching his khushi.

“ raizada ji you stay out of this ,this is none of your business!”

“it is my business ,whatever is going on in this house ,it is my house remember.”

“ok fine, this house is yours , but what were you and khushi doing all night out  , you are trying to take my khushi but remember khushi is not that type of a girl with a loose character!”

Khushi widened her eyes at this “maa , it is not his fault , I took him out ,for showing him the night festival in the nearby town .maa he has paid for this tour I couldn’t deny taking him there .”

Indrani gave a scoff and apologized to arnav.

She then turned to khushi

“what about your phone , does it take tax to pick it up?”

“no signal , no battery”

Indrani cast a look at both of them and left for her room.

Khushi gave a warm squeeze to arnav’s hand and heaved a sigh.smiling to him she left for her room .



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