blames and blunders

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Coderlady and jasminerahul this update is dedicated to you for guessing rightly that khushi was being drugged.

“ pandit ji , there has to be some mistake , our khushi can never show such carelessness .”

“she has indrani ji. I should have known. She is so young , how could she have taken care of such a big responsibility .”

“but she has been taking care of this all since past 4 years so efficiently…………”

Indrani was pleading the head priest of the city temple to not fire khushi of her job and position. khushi came down the stairs hearing the commotion

“lo , here she comes. I want the keys of the mandir and it s office back”

“but why pandit ji”

“see her like if she doesn’t know anything. yesterday you left the mandir open at night and everything valuable there was robbed . it is a loss worth crores.”

Khushi gasped at this , she remembered last night’s incident .she mentally facepalmed at how  careless she had been.. she brought out the keys and returned it to the priest.

“I am sorry sir ,I promise I shall not repeat this mistake.”

“we wont give you a chance to ,bitiya you are freed of this responsibility.”

The priest left . khushi ‘s eyes moistened due to the insult  . indrani held her tightly and shook her

“what type of carelessness was this ?such a respectable position is gone !!!”

“sorry ma …i….”

“shut up ………you need to learn some responsibility. Go to your room and get ready …….the jhas are coming tonight to see you . marriage will instil some values  and responsibility in you .”

“but ma …….”

“I said go to your room!!!!!!!!!!!and remember khushi I don’t want any drama tonight.”

Khushi sobbed and sniffed ,running towards her room.

Arnav looked on and thought to himself

Tut tut tu poor devastated khushi .well good for me part 1 of plan is completed .now time for next part…go ASR give  poor khushi a shoulder. Arnav smirked victoriously and headed toward khushi’s room.


Khushi  sobbed and sniffed , furiously typing something on her laptop. she was sitting in a corner of the balcony of her room . arnav entered her room and knocked twice


Hearing his voice khushi’s heart flustered bringing butterflies in her stomach .she quickly wiped her tears and came towards him

“mr raizada here, any work”

“nothing special…..i saw you crying so I thought”

“nothing much  ……..i just ..”khushi fidgeted with her saree hesitatingly.

“you can tell me khushi “ he came forward . “ you know me”she went backward. “trust me” she began feeling intimated by him as he pinned her to the wall .she heard  a loud banging noise from outside .scared she tightly hugged him but withdrew herself within a few seconds sensing the intimacy.

She  turned her head away looking somewhere else “ what happened last night , I don’t remember anything?”

“you fainted after your saree caught fire .i carried you to the hospital and then home.”

“o that explains it ….”

“explains what ? “

“ I lost my position as the head administrator today. The priest said it was because of some carelessness I showed .oh god !!!!!!!!!! that is why I didn’t lock the mandir and look what has happened now !oh ! I wish I had burnt , that would have been better!”

“I wouldn’t have let you burn..”

“uh?”khushi spoke not fully grasping what he was trying to say . he came closer and closer covering each and every gap between them .then he hold her waist tightly enough to make her gasp .she looked up into his dark chocolaty brown eyes which turned darker by the second .he came near her ear and blew some hair from there and whispered

“I said I wouldn’t let you burn in any flames except of those which come from my heart.” he slightly kissed her ear.

“flames of your heart?”

“ yes , flames of ecstasy * kiss* flames of unison * kiss * flames of possession * kiss flames of  revenge * kiss *…..”his kisses proceeded from her crimson blushing cheek to her cherry red lips , pecking them softly while she bore his sweet torture ever so lost with closed eyes .

As soon as his lips moved away from hers, she managed to mumble

“revenge ?”

“yes , revenge that you stole my heart so Its my turn to have yours now.” his hand slowly reached the place where her heart rested “ shouldn’t I take it away ?”

Khushi opened her eyes and gasped loudly enough for the whole of Allahabad to hear it. She realized in what a position they were and pushed him away and adjusted her saree and hair.

“mr . raizada ,uh , what were you doing?”



“call me arnav .nobody calls me by my name.”

“then why should I ?”

“because you are special for me. So what you address me should be unique.”

“ iam .s…… .sp………. .special”

“yes any doubt”

she nodded her head in affirmative , innocently as if hypnotised by the way he was staring at her.

“you shall come to know tonight “


Arnav turned back outwards the room leaving a million butterflies to flutter in khushi’s  stomach. khushi sighed with relief as he left the room .

But her anxiety returned as he again came inside the room and held the door leaning against it

“uh khushi you will meet me na , in the night”

She nodded vigorously in negative

“oh I will take that as a yes!” and he again went away.

Khushi looked as he went away with her signature o shaped mouth expression.

Arre what type of a person is he ? if he wanted to impose his own will on me then why did he asked me only? And what just happened , how did I let myself do such a thing ….oh my god what is going tonight? It is like if this laad governor was controlling my mind……….oh god save me from him





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