heaven broke

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Ch 23

Heaven broke

Pregnant ?

Khushi ‘s world spinned around her when she heard esha’s assumption of her being pregnant ,with a baby , arnav and her baby. Her mobile phone fell off her hand and she her eyes rotated from left to right side ,could this be true , was there such a possibility?

The thought that she could be carrying a proof of arnav and her love in her womb currently made her ecstatic .she couldn’t hide how beautiful the world seemed to her currently , she felt as if flowers were raining on her. her  and arnav’s own bundle of joy, their own baby.

She quickly came back to her senses and was about to bend to pick up her phone when she stopped and frowned to herself .what if she is really pregnant? Then she shouldn’t bend ,it is harmful for baby. She turned to aman and sweetly said “ aman ji please help me out lift my phone for me.”

Aman confusedly scrunched his eyebrows at this because khushi had never asked him for any help and now that she was asking she was asking him to lift up her phone? She seems to be as crazy as his asr sir himself. They really are made for each other. Nevertheless he picked up the phone and handed it out to her.

She gave a wide smile to him  and requested him to leave her for some privacy. As soon as he left , she dialled some numbers on her phone

“hello ………city hospital , ya , I wanted an appointment for myself …..khushi arnav singh raizada……..”

She smiled widely to herself , maybe today she would get some really good news.

News , yes ,she shall surely get but I cant assure it’s goodness……………


Indrani sat on her armchair resting her shoulders .she had to plan something to drift khushi away from that raizada. only then shall khushi again come under her fingertips. Once khushi is under her control she can easily persuade her again to go with shayam , and then she can get her money!!

If only she could find something against this raizada that would make khushi feel disgusted at  his very presence. She ran her mind fast through the days when arnav had come in the house at first. any incident ? yes , the river mishap where khushi was about to drown in the river and the temple mishap where her saree had caught fire. Both the times arnav was present in the scene and  had saved khushi’s life. Was this a mere coincidence or was there something more to this?

She decided to find out and frame him for something………


Khushi walked very carefully towards the doctor’s cabin holding her flat belly after doing all her check ups and tests .she was inwardly praying to god may what she was thinking be correct .

Her prayer to god was disturbed by the shrill ringtone of her phone indicating that her personal greek  god was remembering her.

“ji kahiye ( say )” she smiled

“you didn’t tell me you fainted are you fine ,all right tell me dammit” he barked from the other side making khushi scrunch her face .

“arre ,you have reporter aman ji na , he will tell you so why should I tell you? Gussa karta hai( showing anger to me) , laad governer!” she fought back.

“okay then take care and if you need me at the hospital tell me , haa” he said caringly.

“ no need I will manage , accha  come home fast today ,I may have a surprise for you.” she blushed to the phone and cut the call.

Arnav looked confusedly towards the phone , what surprise ? had she again planned some oh so  romantic date?how more difficult is she making it for herself? he called aman and asked him to book his ticket to London for the next morning , he had to wind up everything tonight itself.


“mrs. Raizada , nothing serious it is just that you have stopped your regular dosage of some drug that is making your body crave for it. That’s good ,stay away from such drugs they can be harmful especially for if you want to plan a family or so. It ‘s alright your body shall stop reacting so just practice to control your urge from taking whichever drug you were……..” the doctor explained to khushi who had a disbelieving expression on her face.

“excuse me doctor drug ? which drug? I am the daughter of a very reputed family here why would I take drugs ? drugs ?” she scrunched her face. “ You must have made a mistake in seeing my reports “

“mrs raizada sorry to break your bubble but as per these reports of your body analysis ,you have a huge layer of barbiturate degraded in your body which means you have been taking barbiturates since a very long time ,um what s your age ?”

“ji , 22”

“Uh then, looking at your reports I can assume  maybe since you were 10 or something ………..”

“what nonsense are you saying doctor ! you mean to say that till now I was a drug addict and because I have stopped taking that stupid drug now my body Is making me faint and weak! That is utter crap .who gave you a degree ? I for one I know I have never in my whole life taken any drug!” she shouted.

“be calm. Maybe you indirectly consumed in any medicines , think any medicine that you haven’t consumed since the past few months.” He persuaded her to think.

That is when khushi’s mind struck on her panic attack medicines – indrani had given her those and she had never questioned the contents of that white glass bottle.


“do you have any now ?”

She rummaged her bag to find the few emergency tablets she kept. She found some and fearfully handed them over to the doctor . he summoned a chemist  from the hospital lab who came and looked at the circular white tablet who performed some tests on it .

“clear smell of barbituric acid this is a barbituarate certified.”he declared.

“what do you mean by ..bar ..bar” she almost sobbed gulping up her tears.

See I don’t know the effect and after effect of thse drugs as I have never consumed any lol.so don’t rely on my writings all diagnoses here are false and purely imaginary .the only thing I know about barbiturates are that they are derivatives of barbituric acid and are deeply hypnotic drugs ….

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