anger and frustation

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Anger and frustration

"excuse me Mr.ASR ,here I am offering you a toffee because I thought your sugar is going low and it is not good for you as you have diabetes mellitus and you are shouting this nonsense!!! Whose daughter , which child ? when did we have a child? "khushi said angrily to him , how dare he shout on her while she was doing something good for him.

"you dammit have the atrocity to lie to me yet! Like if you dont know about our daughter. "He said mockingly frustrated that khushi wasn't owning up or showing any guilt of hiding their daughter from him.

Here khushi has made the most confused expression in this world. According to ASR they had a child? Has he gone nuts? Maybe work pressure has gone into him too much.

" I thought we could be friends again but you for one are not at all trust worthy .you are a liar , a fact hider ! how could you ! how dare you hide this from me!" arnav shook her shoulders.

Anger crept through khushi's neck

" Trust ! lies ! look who is talking! Whose daughter have you claimed as mine and saying so ! as I cant remember we having a child†she said spitefully.

“ you don’t talk to me in that tone khushi†he gritted his teeth angrily. “ I saw you dropping our daughter to school bus today morning.â€

Khushi scrunched her eyebrows at that . which daughter? When was their daughter born that she left her to school too?

proof she is our daughter, she called you mum!!

You havent had a boyfriend let alone a husband in past five years and you stay away from boys with such intentions as much as you can. So of course the girl who calls you mum must be our daughter! The question is why you didnt tell me this!â€

Khushi looked on confused , he thinks Aashi is their daughter?

Aashi? Well let him think what he wants to . when he has already come up with blames on her what is the point of her to explain him?

She frees herself from arnav’s hold and walks grumpily towards the door eyeing him in disbelief!

“ if you have made this assumption on your own , your fault arnav ! but I just have one thing to tell you . aashi of course isn’t your daughter as for mine , that’s none of your business! So stay away from her and me!!†she said banging the door behind her while arnav banged his fist on the nearby table.



Khushi went into her cabin and closed the door behind her .she leaned on to the closed door and cried holding her mouth. So many years had past ,and the past was repeating itself now. Arnav is blaming her for something she never did without any solid proof. What you see is not always true , when shall he understand this?

She went towards the table and drank a glass of water. feeling rage overcome her she threw away the glass of water.

“tch tch so much of anger is not good for your health kusi…â€

Khushi turned with fear in her mind and looked towards shyam .

“you …….you how did you come into my cabin?â€

“you rejected me for ASR and then see he left you and now here after five years he is souting( shouting) on you , trying to exercise his rights on you.†Shyam said circling her dramatically.

“ you are nobody to tell me what I did and what I did not , and for god’s sake it is khushi not kusi†she mocked him.

“that’s what I said kusi†he said making an unsuccessful attempt to smirk at which she rolled her eyes.

“mr.jha please take your steps out of my cabin and do not commit the mistake of saying anything about my personal life again.â€

“I wanted to spend my life with you kusi , give you everything ,but you chose ASR over me .i would have never left you , by god†he said holding a skin fold of his neck as if swearing.

“oh , really! Shyam ji ! I am so impressed†she mocked him. “ what if I said I wanted to work after marriage ?†she asked acting all sweet.

“ of course of course , I would have allowed you to “

“ you * pointing a finger towards him* you would have allowed me “ she said trying to hide her laughter and the mocking in her tone.“what about your mother , would she have allowed me to ?â€

“oh that , I would have her handled , se( she ) can go to hell for all I care†he said trying to show an macho attitude.

“ and what if we had a daughter?†she asked with a smirk .

Blood drained from shyam’s face and he looked towards khushi with disbelief.

“would you stop your mother from beating me then?â€

All of shyam’s attitude went away into the drain at that very instant.

“would you stop your mother when she shall try to make me abort the little girl?â€

Shyam turned his face.

“answer shyam ji ! you think any girl will agree to marry a criminal like you!! Indrani was a witch to have let you even propose for me. I know everything what you did with anjili so don’t act all innocent and shit and get the hell out of here.â€

“ see I don’t feel guilty for anything that happened between anjili and my mother , after all ma was right , Anjali wasn’t brave enough to give birth to a boy ! 3 girl children killed yet she gave birth to one more. And she was so badtameez fighting all the time for her so called daughters! All because she was educated. Ma was correct these girls shouldn’t get educated only . phir na jaane kahaan ka attitude le aati hain!! I just hated the face of that little girl!â€

He was stopped abruptly by khushi ‘s one tight slap cross his left cheek.

“you ***ch how dare you slap me!â€

He came and held khushi’s hair tightly .

“how dare you speak ill words for my aashi!†she said with pain in her voice.

At the same moment , arnav came into the cabin and made shyam leave khushi’s hair and gave him a punch on his face.

“you ….you both I shall destroy you both , I shall take care of you both just wait and watch†he said spitefully “ you shall pay kusi for rejecting me and supporting Anjali .†saying this he went away from the cabin .

Arnav came and held khushi “are you fine ?â€he asked concernedly.

Khushi pushed him away “ no ! arnav , I am not fine ! I am fed up!!â€

What do you think shall happen next ?

What shall be arnav’s reaction when he comes to know that all his assumptions were wrong?

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