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“ ASR , we were waiting for you and ms. Upadhyay only” mrs Briganza smiled as  Arnav entered the meeting room. “I wanted you to meet the person who shall rent us the shooting location , he too wanted to listen to the main script ….ah there comes ms. Upadhyay”  she said looking towards the door.
Arnav turned to see  Khushi coming into the room .she was wearing a light blue and grey  saree, which triggered Arnav’s memories of their first night  . He remembered the face of the little girl whom he had seen in the morning with khushi. He looked towards rage with khushi.

( this saree is my personal fav , i made it yet i am in awe of it )

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( this saree is my personal fav , i made it yet i am in awe of it )

Khushi scrunched her face on seeing him look at her like this but then she ignored thinking “ lard governor hai , gussa karna toh unka janm siddh adhikaar hai.( he is a lord governor , being angry is his birthright) but that doesn’t mean 24/7 he will be angry”
“ come miss upadhyay I wanted you and ASR to meet Mr. Shyam Jha , he shall be renting us the set for the show.” Mrs briganza spoke with a smile as she introduced a man whom khushi recognised at once and gulped .
Is this a reunion of the past or something? khushi thought first this ASR , then I got a call that papa is all fine and coming to London to meet me and now this syam babua!! I just hope his irritating mother isn’t here!
Khushi turned away her eyes as she saw shyam eyeing her from top to bottom while making an unsuccessful attempt to smirk. Arnav ‘s blood boiled even more on seeing shyam eyeing khushi with lust .he mentally cursed her for wearing net  and thanked god that atleast she wore full sleeves! But her navel was again on full show . damn khushi , if it was in my hands I would have covered you with ten blankets, than let syam stare at what is mine.
Shyam and ASR shook hands  and then took their seats while the other delegates also went to their seats.
The lights were made dim and khushi moved in front of the screen to give the presentation.
“ good morning ladies and gentlemen , let me introduce myself , I am khushi devi upadhyay , the assistant  creative director of the M&B private limited ’s romance section. Also I was a part of the development team for the script of  “to love , with love” to make a beautiful web series out of the mega best seller. So I would like your attention towards the screen as I narrate the story’s synopsis to you” she turned towards the screen and showed photos of whom they had selected as actors for the series.
“  Emma Watson  as Harmony Jane .
Theo James as  Alfred  Mc Callister . In the lead roles.
Alfred was perfect as in a perfect  man I can say cuz he had ideals to follow , he shall never go against his father’s will. His father’s word is god’s word for him .
Harmony had no family  except for an adopted baby sister for whom she would do anything. She finds a family when she finds out her feelings for Alfred, both of whom had gone to the same college.
After a nice period of a fantasy land , Alfred  decides to propose the ring to her . but before that he decides to take his father’s approval who denies when he comes to know that harmony wasn’t from a big named rich  family like they were.
Abiding to his father’s word , he breaks up with harmony leaving her alone and unloved.
Once he is gone she discovers that she was expecting his baby…..”
At that sentence arnav lifted up his gaze to khushi ,the story was sort of similar to theirs . he looks at her with anger. She means to say that he left her pregnant , but he never knew she was pregnant , she didn’t let him know.

accha  come home fast today ,I may have a surprise for you.” she blushed to the phone and cut the call.

He remembered the day when indrani admitted her crimes. Khushi was so happy before knowing the truth .she had gone to the hospital that day hadn’t she?
Arnav was having a strange mixture of emotions on his face which was confusing khushi to no end. While narrating the rest of the story she just kept on looking towards him , which arnav took as a confirmation that this story must be inspired from theirs that must be why she was not keeping her eyes away from him.
The meeting continued for the next two hours when the different members of the team talked about other matters related to the series like the production , direction , costumes, sponsoring ,time slots etc…..
Khushi had gone back to her seat and was yet staring at arnav .she was looking at the beads of sweat on his forehead , although the AC was on. Was his health degrading? Was his sugar low ? she panicked.
As the meeting got over and everyone went away khushi stopped arnav from getting up from his seat and gave him a toffee she had rummaged from her hand bag.
Arnav eyed the toffee and asked her , “ whom is this for?”
“originally I had bought it for Aashi , but I am giving it to you now because I think your sugar levels are going down.” She said concernedly.
“you will not tell me now also , khushi. we don’t have this much also relation now ,that you won’t tell me such an important thing?” arnav looked into her eyes sadly.
Khushi scrunched her eyes in confusion “ what’s so important that I didn’t tell you?”
“why didn’t you tell me dammit?” he banged the table in anger making khushi flinch and move backwards.
“what …what did I not tell you “ she gulped in fear.
“that we have a daughter , that you were pregnant with our child when we parted ways!!!”  he held her shoulders.
On hearing that sentence she looks up into his eyes in shock. This was the last string , she had never expected arnav to say so.

A volcano of drama’s left to erupt. So stay tuned.
How many of you were shocked to see syam babua here?? Why do you think he is here?

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