support and confront

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Ch 26

Confront and support

“ khushi !!!how dare you ? have you forgotten I am your mother!!” indrani said shocked by the slap which laced on her left cheek.

Khushi was heaving red with anger. “ step !!! remember that indrani shashi upadhyay. you are my step whatever and the person whom you are talking about with such disrespect is my father, the person whose life you have got destroyed by my hands is my husband .  so I dare and I dare a lot more!! Commissioner sir!! Please come in.”

Indrani and arnav were shocked at khushi ‘s such reaction . arnav came forward and greeted  the commissioner, who knew him as arnav had already met him for some purpose related to the temple security.

“sir indrani ji has self admitted her involvement in the temple riots of 2002 as the main plotter as you just saw .please clear all charges from the fair name of the kashyap family. they were holy and innocent victims to indrani ji’s lust for power .”khushi said with joined hands.

The commissioner nodded and asked his female constables to arrest indrani.

“stop stop don’t touch me .”indrani resisted.she then turned towards khushi and spitted “arre I did this all so u too were beneficiary weren’t you ! you became the heir to the temple property and you are getting me arrested . khushi think properly this man needs to be arrested * pointing towards arnav*  he attempted to kill you !!” indrani shouted accusingly.

Khushi made a fake frown while arnav frowned in real , had indrani showed khushi something about the fire in the temple or ……

“I don’t believe you , he is my real husband , step mother ! our relation is real ,your fake proofs cant do anything to it.”khushi said nonchalantly. Arnav looked towards khushi at this , how was he supposed to tell her that he had actually done that? How was he supposed to break her undying trust for something she never did consciously?

“and even if he did I would give away my life to him – to cherish or to destroy is his take and I would support him nevertheless you know why , because there is a term called love between us which you are miles away from, indrani.” Arnav mentally nodded there was an unsaid love between them open from her side always but it would be better if it would be closed once and for all as it was capable to arouse havoc.

“there is trust between us which nobody can ever do on a vicious snake like you. you deserve only  isolation.” Khushi said in a calm mocking voice while she choked her tears. Arnav mentally nodded on their trust he always had a ray of hope even though minute that khushi was innocent,  he knew even involuntarily he could never let her be hurt and she knew that more than him such was her trust on him.

Indrani grunted and growled like a wild cat and went away with the constables while khushi choked at her own tears as she fell to the ground.

As she saw the police had left , she started crying her heart aloud on the misery that has befallen her .the two people she trusted the most , with her life both were incapable to keep it. Her mother… step mother played with her life and her best friend ……no husband  played with her heart. Her only fault was that she trusted them. and look what they made her do !!!!

Arnav went towards khushi  controlling his tears to console her. He sat beside her and wiped the loud tears off her chubby cheeks and turned her face towards him .he noticed that her nose had gone red .seeing that he couldn’t stop his chuckle. he flicked her nose and joined their foreheads. Khhushi at once dipped her head to his chest and cried there wetting his waistcoat.

Realizing their closeness khushi immediately pulled away and turned her face .arnav stood up and offered his hand to help her get up. Khushi adjusted her saree and wiped her tears .she got up holding arnav’s hand and faced him.

“I don’t know will you ever be able to forgive me but I know this that I cant force you to be with me anymore .i know you came here for revenge and I understand , it was your human nature to hate me. ”she said with her head bent down.

“I don’t know if I hate you khushi.” Arnav gave an argument.

“you don’t even know if you love me arnav or you wouldn’t have planned on leaving me without even informing me.”

Arnav looked towards her in shock , she knew?

“I had heard aman ji booking your single ticket to London and saw him bringing divorce papers.i have signed them .here.” she brought the papers out of a drawer. “

Arnav looked at the papers guiltily.

Khushi saw his hesitation and said with a smile “ don’t worry , I agree to this .dont feel guilty I was at fault and your revenge was correct at it’s place. “

Arnav was yet not satisfied with her answer.

“spill it khushi”

“I need freedom arnav I want to do something in life . maa didn’t allow me that . I am getting a chance to do that be renowned and being with you shall only haunt me . I have been offered my dream job . don’t feel guilty .i want freedom from all bonds please!” she requested him.

Arnav took a pen from his shirt pocket and silently signed the papers. khushi smiled at him and took the papers. She was about to leave when arnav stopped her.

“um I wanted to tell you uh, I have arranged for shashi uncle’s treatment in Mumbai .i know a great psychiatrist there. So ………..”

He was cut when she hugged him. “ Thank you , even after what all you had to suffer because of my family you are doing this for papa. “

“khushi you too are my family .my best friend . ….why don’t you come with me to London for some days , nani and maasi would love to have you.”

“no arnav , day after tomorrow I have to report for my first day at Chicago branch of my office. And you know right……”

“ya ya …..your professionalism…”

“but I wanted a favour from you …….* arnav nodded* a nice bear hug and can you please drop me at the airport at 10 tomorrow.”

“even my flight’s at ten of course I shall get you for the hug , dumbo you are in my arms only right now……”

They both laughed like old times while khushi looked onto him with  yearning .

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