a midsummer midnight

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CH 12


“ So what did you say your name was ? “ mrs jha asked with an attitude while khushi served the pulao to her.

“ ji khushi. Khushi devi upadhyay” khushi replied  proudly yet hesitantly. She didn’t want to get shouted on again.

“kusi as in happiness” smirked shyam

Khushi served the pulao to him “ it’s khushi.”she smiled.

“that’s what I said , kusi”

Arnav chuckled “kusi!!”

Khushi glared at him .

“oh I forgot to ask you , you are kusi ‘s brother right!” said mrs jha.

Indrani : oh no no .he actually is a very good uh ... a family friend  to us.

Arnav : yes , I am ASR.

Shyam : just ASR , such a short bad name  , see my name is so nice hain na maa

Mrs jha : of course beta , shyaam , such a heavenly name , so desirable isn’t it , indrani ji

Indrani : oh of course of course

Khushi : actually his name isn’t asr that’s an acronym for arnav singh raizada.

This time she didn’t hesitate to be proud. and this didn’t go unnoticed by arnav he turned towards her. she avoided his gaze and put the pulao in his  plate.

Shyam: food is okay okay .

Khushi : uh thank you

Arnav : well I think it is marvellous

Khushi sat  between arnav and shyam.

She smiled blushingly at him.

Mrs jha : I think it is typical educated woman food , made from recipe books  ( holding her palm when khushi tried to say something) you are quite educated ,huh?

Khushi : yes I hold a master’s in literature  and….

Mrs jha : oh so you must be working also

Khushi : ye………..

Indrani : no no my khushi is typical  homely girl , she likes doing all house hold work

Khushi put her head down , while arnav looked on confused.

Mrs jha : that is very good , my last bahu she was educated so all the airs she showed , would do no house work  .lazy bum

Indrani : oh no I ensure you khushi is nothing like that , she will satisfy you well.

Shyam : (licking his lips ) satisfy…….

Arnav didn’t like what was going on here.he couldn’t understand why khushi was taking in all this insult after all she was a strong woman , she knew how to stand up to herself.why was she doing this?


Mrs jha and shyam had left  after sealing the deal that it shall be khushi and shyam’s marriage in some days.khushi didn’t even have a say in that.

Everybody had left to their rooms  , when khushi was left back in the kitchen to clear everything. Ira and esha had stayed back to help her

Ira : jiji did you like that shyam?

Esha : not shyam ira , syam!

The three of them giggled at that.

Khushi : I don’t know  first meeting , its not good to make any opinions , I didn’t even have  a proper talk with him .

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