abused truth-2

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Abused truth-2

Authors note: some of you questioned khushi’s pregnancy as I never mentioned a consummation scene .but I remember putting in a scene when arnav is naughtily peaking to her ie mourning over having to go to the shower without khushi ( alone) .i know it wasn’t that clear and that is because more than khushi I was blushing. Yes they have consummated , I shall narrate that to u later from arnav’s pov .

Arnav did this cuz he wanted to test khushi’s trust on him. To break her heart he needs to first ensure that he has it in his hands. And what more can a girl trust a person with? It was emotionless , mechanical from his side but he knew that from inside his heart was jumping joyfully , bashfully.. as for khushi it was one of her most precious memories she had with arnav.


Khushi entered her room distraught with all the information that had come in front of her eyes today.she was utterly confused by what had happened today. She sat on her bed and stared at nowhere .she smoothed her sarree as if in a trance and picked up her phone and texted arnav……….

Come home fast please ,I am waiting for you.



Indrani entered her room in a hurry.

“bitiya, oh I am so glad you are safe!” indrani said showing fake concern smoothing khushi’s hair.

Khushi confusedly looked at indrani.what happened all of a sudden that her behaviour had changed so.

“maa ?”

“bitiya , bitiya divorce that man right away bitiya he is not worthy of you he is a psychopath .”

“maa!!!” khushi rose up and widened her eyes “he is my husband”

“he wants to kill all of us, bitiya , destroy all of us!”

“maa he cleared all the debts of our family , saved esha’s marriage and our dignity. How can you even say so for such a good man!”she gave her argument.

“here look at this , remember you fell off the river bank. That wasn’t an accident . you tripped over his leg , he did that on purpose to make you fall.

See look at the videos I got them from the cctv footage put up by the river lifeguards. You can clearly see him put his leg there on purpose.”

khushi gasped looking at the video, then she thought he might have done that by mistake.

“see this footage of the temple ,the day you burnt , he purposely put fire on your saree , to burn you.”

Now this one was clear that he had made the attempt to burn her . khushi looked at the video with tears in her eyes while indrani smirked on.

“moreover see this he himself got the gold statues stolen to defame us and make you lose your job then he got these statues returned and himself earned the trust and favour of the temple authority and government in the name of having found out the thieves arre all of this was a white lie .he doesn’t love you , he used you , he wants to destroy us all “she said frantically.

“yes maa ,he doesnt love me , he hates me ,he wants to kill me…….khushi sid with huge tears in her house.

Indrani smirked that she had convinced khushi against  arnav.


“ hello ,I received an email and you had called me about………….”

“oh are you @happilyyours?”

“yes , I am, true name khushi  devi upadhyay. I accept your proposal.”

“fine then maam we will arrange your accommodation and flight , you have to come to chicago , is that fine with you?”

“yup , fine” khushi said in a broke voice.

“then, mills and boons creative ltd. is more than happy to have you maam”

Khushi kept down her phone and stared on to it ,somebody is happy to have her she mocked to herself. And started to cry again  ……………


Arnav entered the house in haste thinking to himself that he shall not say anything to khushi just silently leave the next morning.

As he entered the haveli he saw a distraught looking khushi descending the stairs.it was looking as if she had cried for hours .arnav wondered what had happened to her, had aman told her something?

“khushi………you are crying , what happened ?” he asked unaware of the storm that had broke on her.

“ yes she is on her mistake of marrying a man like you , untruthful bearing falsehoods. You played with her life” Indrani scoffed . “arre pyaar ke naam par jo khushi ki zindagi ke saath tune kiya hai uske baad to tujhe bhagwaan nark mein bhi jagah naa de.( after what you have done with khushi’s life on the name of love ,god wont even give you place in hell)” she screamed on him.

Arnav looked at indrani in a shocked way , she had managed to manipulate khushi again! he looked at khushi’s state she looked more broke than a building which had suffered a bomb blast.

He thought about what he must do now but then he decided to let things go on , after all khushi’s heart was made to break. But now how shall he punish indrani for her deeds. he thought something real quick but  before he could say something he heard khushi’s cold ,soft yet slow voice broken spread through the room.

“ what is his crime maa?”

“he played with your life bitiya , he had no right to do so …”indrani held khushi and said .

“and you had ?” she asked her with red eyes.

“what!!!” indrani looked at khushi shocked. arnav was surprised to see khushi back answer her most respected mother.

“you played with my life , indrani shashi upadhyay. Not only mine with dev and his family and even my poor father’s lives.” Khushi screamed .

Indrani looked shocked at khushi ,how did she know ? arnav saw khushi with tears ,she knew?

“khushi what are you saying ?” indarni said. “he wanted to kill you, destroy your family …………….”

“he just wanted , you did ……..you killed dev , you killed his family and attempted to slow poison me all these years.” khushi burst out.

Indrani was left in awe she had never seen khushi in this form .arnav was confused about what khushi was saying .what was that khushi knew and she didn’t.

“ barbiturates ?” khushi questioned indrani and she looked at her wide eyes .

“ what are talking about khushi ? barbiturates ? they are hypnotic drugs .very dangerous .how are they related to you.?” Arnav asked holding khushi’s shoulders. She looked into his eyes and moved away.

“ ask her , she planned your doom at my hands. I am the culprit ,arnav but that was not me  she had been controlling me like the witch she is.”

“khushi watch your words!” indrani shouted “I am your mother.”

“step.”khushi retaliated. “how could I forget that ! why why did you do so with me? What was my fault , what was his fault?” she cried.

Indrani gave out a wicked laugh at this .  “oh so this raizada is that dev .isnt he? i should have known , your changed ways , new confidence  ……….. tsk tsk tsk poor dev” she scrolled her hand through arnav’s cheek. Arnav looked at her with bloodshot eyes.

“yes khushi this is the truth , I used you to execute my plans ……. To destroy this dev’s family’s reign……..”

Khushi and arnav looked at indrani both traumatized by the turn of events.

More drama awaits you . I hope more comments await me too. I was quite  happy with last times response .

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