letters and kisses

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Ch 19

Letters and kisses

Dearest dev,

Isn’t that an alliteration  .never mind . how are you ? I hope you are fine. Isn’t that sounding bookish? What is the benefit of scoring 89in English when I am not even able to  write a letter to my best friend properly. Damn this education system!

I am writing this letter to you to wish you a very happy 20th  birthday! I am not with you wherever you are but devi maiyya ki kasam  in my mind I am with you only wherever you are .

May all your teardrops turn into rains in which we can dance ,phir se.

May all the flowers in your garden turn into roses which you can put on my hair ,phir se.

May all those sums in your notebooks turn into poems so I can read them forhours and hours tirelessly, phir se.

May your phone’s settings go all haphazard and change it ‘s location to where I am , so I can come close to you,  phir se and forever!

Lots of wishes dipped in sugar free chocolate for you ,

Your best friend ,

Khushi devi upadhyay ( don’t you dare call me sankadevi).

Arnav held the letter tightly in his hands and closed his eyes .he had found dozens of these poetic letters in khushi ‘ cupboards along with their childhood photos.

“I wrote these when I was 17 .” khushi entered the room .” I knew they must be with you , you hid all the photos that day right!” she sat beside him on the floor.

Arnav nodded .”these are beautiful!”

“shut up ,I know you better ,you disliked poems and you just don’t understand them! Mad matrix mind!” khushi smiled while arnav chuckled.

“I was quite sad that day, my twelfth results were out but I had no one to share my happiness with, I was in boarding at Bareilly.then I remembered it was your birthday too , so I wrote them all down. the same year maa brought me back here to manage the temple authorities. Then I stopped writing these , I thought truly you were no more. I had no address to send these to!” Khushi said gripping the yellowish almost tarnished paper in her hands . her eyes had started welling up . “ I am so glad I have you back with me , I love you!”she kept her head on his shoulder and drifted asleep.

Arnav remembered what happened earlier that day in the hotel …….


“who are you ?”

“any guesses?”arnav came forward.

“no he is dead” she closed her eyes and turned away.

“who is dead ?” he came more forward.

“dev kashyap is dead , you cant be him , no one can take his place , no one “.she stared in his eyes.

“true ! dev kashyap doesnt exist anymore , arnav singh raizada does” he said looking into her eyes holding her face in his hands. “ I came back for you khushi , don’t disappoint me by this rejection.it was very difficult to keep my foot in this city where my parents were killed, again.”

“your parents?”khushi asked looking up to him.

“they were framed khushi ,they were innocent I know!  I cant let you remain here khushi , they might not even leave you ! I lost everything I cant lose you khushi come with me………” he held her hands with solemn eyes.

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