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Khushi pushed away arnav slightly and held his collar.

"no I am not fine .i am distraught , confused , going mad, all.......... all because of you. Anything happens in your life , you assume anything and then you blame it on me . maine kya duniya bhar ke gunaaho ka theka le rakha hain?( have I taken responsibility of the crimes of the whole world??) mujhe toh abhi tak nahi pata meri galti kya hai??( till yet I don't know what was my mistake?) but now I know , duniya ki sabse badi galti thi ASR par vishwaas karna , unse pyaar karna*( the biggest mistake in the world was to trust ASR and fall in love with him.)!!" she said in a frustrated voice.

Arnav looked on towards her . khushi moved away and sat on the table holding her head.

"aashi is Anjali 's daughter . Anjali, my room mate , also the poor girl who was shyam' s first wife."

"shyam ? syam babua 's first wife , oooh I understand , of course she must have left him I don't know how can someone bear a person like him." Arnav chuckled making khushi giggle.

When both were together you cannot predict which emotion they shall portray next.

" no arnav there is more into the story .you remember his annoying mother."

Arnav nodded. " typical serial saas"

" she tortured anjali like an animal. She made her abort three of her unborn girl children. Before she could kill aashi , Anjali went to the law and sought help for herself .that's why that lady was disgusted that Anjali was educated , she got shyam stuck in a case. Yet shyam being rich , he freed himself quite soon." She said sadly." Aashi is pretty close to me ,so she broke up the term mumma , making Anjali ma and me mum . she keeps pretty great ideas in her little head."

Arnav smilingly nodded.

"trust indrani to be friends with such people and bring them to marry you . I knew shyam was a pervert but he is a criminal , he is gross . you were saved from that danger"

"only to fall for a danger like you" she mocked.

"I am sorry khushi , I just misunderstood and misinterpreted khushi "

"that 's what you always do , you see things from only your point of view. You don't even make an effort to find the truth. The culprit is always me right? and I am not even given a chance to prove myself that right which all criminals are given by the law is not given to criminal khushi under jurisdiction of Arnav singh raizada"" she asked him with solemn eyes .

"I am sorry khushi I know I have made mistakes ,but please forgive me, he said holding her hands.

" before if I would have been pregnant with your baby , I would have loved and cherished it all my life. But to think of it now , if that would have happened I would have aborted. I would never have let the baby of that man survive who has played with my heart , I am not a doll ,mind you!" she said with an attitude and went out of the room leaving a distraught arnav.


Khushi went outside the building , covering her mouth , she couldn't believe she had said such harsh words to arnav. She tried to muffle her cries but couldn't stop the tears from coming out of her eyes. She never wanted to be so harsh to arnav.

She hated him but she loved the same him too. Hurting him was like pricking a knife to oneself now for her.

Why is it that we hurt only the people whom we love so much?

Her phone beeped telling her that it was 1 pm ,time to pick up aashi from was aashi's extra drawing class so she wouldn't be coming back by her school bus . Anjali had gone to san Francisco branch office to arrange funds for the company's new project. So khushi was in charge of aashi now.

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