she will be loved

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Ch 22

She will be loved ,her heart shall break

Khushi  drew the curtains of her room aside to let the golden sunshine reach her sleeping husband so that he would wake up. She went near him and softly ran her palm through his hair. he was so looking utterly deliciously handsome that khushi couldn’t stop  looking at him. Moreover he was shirtless , so khushi ‘s cheeks knew a new shade of red.

“ get up arnav , you have a meeting right at ten today , so come on wake up .”she chirped to him .

Arnv stirred a bit and gave a sleepy wide smile

“good morning, khushi” he smiled to her.

“good morning , go take a bath you have a meeting na..” she persuaded him to get up .

“bath ……alone ?” he smirked to her.

Khushi blushed  hard and hit him playfully on his shoulder.  

“yes alone”

“okay okay I am going” he chuckled as khushi got up from the bed and went outside the room to get his morning coffee ,sugarfree of course as she came to know from him that he had diabetes mellitus. She felt so bad for him , he had so much suffering in his life.

Arnav sat on the bed looking towards the door as he saw khushi ’ s petite figure going out of the room. He sighed guiltily, she loved him too much ,it would be so difficult for him to break her heart!

In these six months he had found out a lot about the temple riots that happened 10 years ago , the one which gave impetus to his doom .he had come to know that shashi had really turned mad due to indrani’s torture so his words that khushi was innocent couldn’t be trusted. He had come to a conclusion that indrani was behind all that riot and she did all that selfishly. Also he came to know that she was lying about ira and esha’s dowry , the groom’s family had never demanded any gifts.indrani said so to manipulate khushi into marrying shyam and indrani could then enjoy the money shayam would offer for khushi. arnav’s blood boiled on knowing this. He decided that he would give her the punishment she deserved , disrobe her of the power and position for which she murdered his parents. khushi was persuaded by indrani only and she voluntarily did that so khushi too is on blame. Let her heart break!!

Since the past two months he was pretending to be her prince charming , doing all things that would make her believe that he was deeply in love with her , although somewhere really he was falling for her.

His heart too shall break when he leaves khushi.


Khushi came down the stairs smilingly thinking about how her life had changed in the past six months after her marriage with arnav. She loved him to the moon and back and although he never said so she knew, he loved her too. After all their love was since childhood and shall last for an eternity .


She entered the kitchen and saw that indrani was making tea in the kitchen .

“arre maa , I would have made it………”khushi smiled to her.

Indrani took her cup of tea ,ignoring khushi like if she were filth and went away leaving a sad khushi behind. Indrani was yet upset with her and arnav’s marriage ,so she had stopped talking to khushi. Mami and mama had left Allahabad a month ago to start their own business in banaras so there were only these four in the house – khushi arnav , indrani and shashi. Oh not to forget aman!!!

But khushi was happy arnav was there for her , her childhood love now husband . he would console and support and love her every time she would be disheartened because of indrani. Arnav was giving her the fairytale life she always dreamed about all her life , read about in romances and wrote about in her poems……

He was that happiest moment of her life that she wanted to preserve and cherish the rest of her life.

She loves him , no worships him with whole of her heart , soul and body.

She expects this fairytale to continue for the rest of her life with her arnav.

She would never do anything he doesn’t like , so she discarded dev ,the name from her life .she only knows arnav now. only him .

But fate has other plans…………….


Arnav had left the haveli for meeting some people for legal work related to the temple ,he wanted to ensure that it goes in safe hands of government before he leaves London , so he had suggested this to khushi who immediately agreed and took permission from the priests and other authorities ,although indrani didn’t agree yet.

Khushi was watering the plants in the temple gardens when she suddenly started feeling a sudden imbalance in her body .her vision started blurring , her feet started stumbling all of a sudden. A sharp pain shot through her head and she felt like she would fall down just now.

“maam ,maam”  aman came and steadied her.

He offered her a glass of water and she drank it .aman was kept to keep a watch on khushi and indrani so that indrani wouldn’t harm or manipulate khushi or plan anything.

Khushi wondered on why she was getting such headaches , she usually got them when she had panic attacks and she needed her medicines but now ??? she hadn’t had a panic attack since her marriage with arnav , so she hadn’t even touched her medicines ever since.

It was then that suddenly she got esha’s call

“hello jiji” esha chirped from the other side.

“hi esha” khushi stuttered a bit.

“what happened jiji , are you fine ?” esha said sensing the lowness in khushi’s voice.

“nothing serious just felt faintish a bit……”khushi said holding her head .

“jiji!!! Don’t tell me !! are you hiding something from me , are you pregnant ???” esha screamed excitedly.


Hmmm……………tell me what do you think shall happen next?

Is khushi pregnant , how shall this change arnav khushi equation?

Will arnav accept this and not leave her?

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