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Everyone turned towards the entry of the hotel grounds , from where lavanya was entering holding her father's hand in her beautiful white gown. Khushi smiled merrily looking at her best friend who wasn't acting as crazy as she was right now .instead she was blushing. On the opposite side she saw arnav standing and gave him a simple smile .all the people were putting rose petals on the couple as they both joined hands.

Niall gave a nice smile to lavanya as he took her hand from her father. She smiled back to him blushingly.

Suddenly khushi felt some rose petals fall on her hair. She turned to see whose this mischief was and found arnav smiling. She smiled naughtily and put all the petals from her hand on arnav's head, ruffling his hair.

Khushi's POV:

I ruffled arnav's hair as he pleaded me not to spoil his hairstyle .

Hairstyle ? It looked more like a crow's nest now. I remembered last time during esha's wedding also arnav had tried this mischief .that time that shyam had disturbed us , thank god he is not there now , here.

The priest asked if Niall accepted la as his wife and it was obvious that he said yes. when la was asked like the cheeky monkey she was ,la excitedly exclaimed yes. The excitement in her voice couldnt be missed out.The priest granted them permission to kiss .niall lifted up her white laced veil and reached for her lips drifting me back to the day I had my first kiss with none other than the person who is currently standing next to me. i turned towards him and found him to be already gazing towards me. I shyly smiled and turned my face.

Now the wedding cake was to be cut. i looked at the enormous size of the five tired cake. Aashi would be so excited to look at it.

I felt a tap at my shoulder and turned back.

"khushi , where is aashi , she wanted to see the cake , la is asking for her." Anjali asked me as she looked at my sides trying to find khushi .i gave her a shocked expression.i hadn't seen aashi since the wedding had started. i thought she had been with Anjali.

"Aashi had told me she is going to you to show you her dress

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"Aashi had told me she is going to you to show you her dress ."

She didn't come to you? Where has she gone?" anjali panicked.

I consoled Anjali saying that she must be around here somewhere playing with some other kids or gaping at the decorations. arnav put a hand on her shoulder and said that we both would go to find her.

Anjali went towards the stage where la was there to see if aashi was near la while we both went to see near the tables. i saw a bunch of children playing ring-a-ring of roses and approached them to see if aashi was there, while arnav checked near the food counters.

One of the children told me that a man who said he was her father came and took her to his car ,after offering them all some chocolates .i scrunched my eyebrows while they all went back to play .aashi's father? Some man claimed to be aashi's father and took her away? Was it shyam? But why would shyam take away aashi , he doesn't like her and maybe doesn't even know her.

I then saw that the kids weren't saying sh properly in any word instead they were saying s , like shyam does. I asked them why they were doing so .they told me that they were making fun of that man who had come to take aashi, he was calling aashi as asi instead of aashi. This confirmed my doubts about shyam.

My phone beeped as arnav approached me.

Your beloved is missing right , lets have a deal ;

you come to me within an hour , I give her to Anjali . you take more time or don't come and I send her  to beloved ex wife , of course, but you can be sure that she shall not be in one piece. I hope you know the no informing the police rule. See you in an hour ,baby .

My face went pale on reading this . how can somebody stoop so low , kidnap his own daughter ? I was numb staring to nowhere.

"I couldn't find aashi , what about you ?" arnav asked .

He saw my state and shook me "khushi , khushi?"

"shyam has kidnaped aashi .he demands me for returning aashi to Anjali. Me , within an hour or he will kill her." I mumbled in a faint voice .

Arnav was shocked , within a week he had grown a very strong bond with aashi. Maybe stronger than what I had developed with her since I shifted to NYC from Chicago.

His expressions turned into anger and rage within no time.

"I will kill that ******* , how dare he !"

We both looked at each other , distraught by the ugly turn of events.

Life was so beautiful just some minutes ago ,how ugly it had turned within seconds.

Anjali came with her phone in her hand , looking equally distraught .looks like she too received the message from shyam.

"Anjali I held her hands and sobbed. " I promise you I will get you your aashi.

"no khushi" she held my arm " I can't let  aashi die but I cannot let another girl become a helpless Anjali like I was, I cannot let more aashi's die due to demons like shyam and his mother. if we give into his demands ,it shall show how weak we  women are. Not giving in shall give courage to women who suffered like me to let more aashis come into this world. You will not submit yourself promise me." She said with a stern expression.

"you are really brave Anjali"I looked at her with tears.

"I don't want my baby to die, khushi but I don't want you also to give into that demon's demand.aashi or khushi is like a hypothetical question , I cannot save one at the cost of other it would be a losing situation for me from both the sides , but winning situation for him. The situation demands me to be brave but I know I am breaking from inside , if there is a daughter in my fate , aashi shall be saved . I will go to find her." Anjali said with tears flowing through her cheeks.

Arnav volunteered to go with Anjali even though she resisted. Niall and lavanya also joined them to find aashi through the city. But what if they wont be able to save aashi? 15 minutes are already past. how will they find aashi in such short span of time?

I removed my phone out of my clutch and typed

I am coming give me the directions.

Oh goodness ,will khushi be able to save aashi?

I am really disgusted of shyam , how many others of you are?

I am leaving wattpad until December and so the double update....my exams are getting started ....bye

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