an assignment to reminisce

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Chap-1 an assignment to reminisce

“raizada ……….raizada………..mrs khushi raizada!!!!!”

Khushi woke up with a thud. She had fallen asleep during a meeting.

“looks like somebody  had a long night with her husband last night. Ha ha ha”

Everybody started laughing. Stella  ,khushi’s colleague loved to make fun of her just because she was a divorcee from india who wrote love stories for mills and boons , the world famous creative ideas  company but didn’t have any boyfriend!!!neither did she show interest in dating or love…

“stop teasing her stella, atleast she is not like you who forgot the name of  the boy with whom you go for a date.” said lavanya, khushi’s all time defender and protecter ,just like a brother.

“stella ,lav pls stop pulling each others legs and behave properly .ms upadhyay this was not expected of you.”said  their boss ,mrs briganza.

“ I’m sorry ma’am .actually last night I was awake thinking about our new project……..” said an embarrassed khushi .

“ then I assign this responsibility to you .next week , the financiers for the web series  based on our book “ with love ,to love” are coming to new york from London to discuss the outlook of the story with us . I expect you to treat our guests gracefully and guide them thoroughly. after all this  is going to be the biggest deal in the history of our company”

“alright ma’am I assure you there is going to be no problems from  my side.”

************************* the meeting had dispersed leaving stella  and della ,khushi’s rivals ,envious of the great opportunity she had got.

“khushi ,  you know you are so lucky , do you even have the slightest  idea which media company are we dealing with now??” exclaimed lavanya.

“nope, who is it?”

“AR and you know the CEO himself shall come to seal this deal”

“who is the ceo?”

“ooh ! don’t even ask .you are in for a shock it is ASR- ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA”

The name pulled up millions of memories in khushi’s little mind she started fiddling with her saree pallu .yes she lived in new york but she preferred to yet continue wearing sarees the only difference now was that she wore freestyle ones now .

She reminisced her childhood and what happened with her 5 years ago and exclaimed “oh no not again PHIR SE WOH ASR”………………

So this is the first chapter . pls  show me ur response to it negative positive kuch bhi chalega….

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