Chapter 26

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Barnum's Pov 

The streets of Paris were lively and full of colour. Nothing like New York. It was if I was dreaming with my eyes wide open. I headed towards the restaurant, Terre d'hier, as I had heard that this is where Charity would come every night to pick up a meal. The crowd has a life of its own, the vibrant clothes shine in the morning light and the people move like enchanting shoals of fish. There is chatter between sellers and buyers, old friends catching up, new friends made. It's busy for sure, but the hustle and bustle brings a life to this city I wouldn't want to be without.

And then I saw her. I could pick her out from a crowd of thousands. Her blonde hair hadn't changed one bit, still tucked up in a half up do with some flowing over onto her shoulders. Charity turned with her bag in hand, piercing brown eyes meeting mine. Her jaw dropped slightly and I could see the edges of a smile creeping up onto her face. 

Ladies and gents, this is the moment I've waited for. 

"Phineas?" She questioned as she walked up towards me, placing her bag down on the ground next to us, then slapped me on to shoulder. "I've haven't' heard from you in years. I thought the police had put you in front of a firing squad. " 

"They did," I chuckled back, "And when they gave the order to fire, not one of them could pull the trigger. So I ran, hence why I couldn't write." 

"I can't imagine why not," She replied with a true smile, a Charity smile. Something I didn't know I had ached for until I saw her smile once again. 

"I can still melt hearts Charity, just as you melt mine." I said, picking up her hand in my own. "I crossed the oceans for this moment." 

"Still up to your old trick Phineas?" Charity asked, looking me in the eye. 

"No, gave them up a very long time ago. But, admit. You're happy to see me." 

"I'm glad your not dead." 

The soft music of a violin echoed out of the restaurant. I like the crescendo coming out of the violin, because that reminds me of sunrise and waking up after a sweet dream. The magical shoulder instrument brings relaxation and moments to the audience as the sound of vibration touches your inside your heart.

"Charity, I am truly sorry.  About everything." 

"I guess, I should also be the one to apologise as well. We shouldn't of left you in New York. I should of waited." Her head fell down slightly and I picked it up gently. 

"How about we forget about the past and start from now? I would love to see the girls again." I asked with a small smile. 

"I think they would like that very much Phineas."

I picked up her bag and held out my arm, to which she happily accepted, as we began to walk or perhaps more accurately Charity  leading me in the right direction. I stopped suddenly, placing the bag on the ground. 

"Would you like to go to the ballet tomorrow night?" 

"Barnum, I would love to but I'm already going with W.D and the girls." 

"I know," My response caused some confusion, prompting me to continue, "There is someone I would like William to meet." 

"Oh Barnum, I don't think that's a good idea." 

"Charity, " I say, holding her shoulders. "I know its her. I promise you." 

She thought about this for a moment, before smiling. "I guess the girls and I will see you at 7pm sharp tomorrow night." 

And with that she kissed my cheek and left, leaving me standing in the street. 

Tomorrow night. Tomorrow night and everything falls into place. Everything will be as it should be. 

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