Chapter 14

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Sorry about the shorter chapter. 

Phillip's Pov 

Slowly I shut the door behind me before resting on it for a while, maybe around two - three minutes. It may not sound like a long time but when you are standing there in pure silence with only your thoughts. Each second seems to drag on for an hour and each minute somehow gives the impression of a day. 

There were so many different emotions running through me right now. Some I didn't want to admit to myself and hide away. What is this hollow kind of helplessness I'm feeling? This kind of terror is definitely new. Before it was just Barnum and I, looking out for each other. Nobody would go to the extent of doing to us what they did to Anne. And the fact that I can hardly breathe is now, I shook off the feeling quickly. Hiding it away before the light can touch it. Other feelings, like anger and anxiousness, I wanted to get rid of completely. No, I wanted to get rid of the people who caused them. Those men, if that is even what they can be called, trying to attack her. Hurting her. Dragging the air out of her lungs in the hopes that she may show an ounce of fear. 

Even when I went over there, after making the men run off, she didn't show a single shred of fear.  Not when she was sprawled out on the ground nor when I was carrying her back to our room. 

If I'm being completely honest, Barnum didn't suggest that we get off the boat. I announced it to them as soon as I had finished telling them what had happened to Anne. 

They both chose not to argue. Probably something about my tone.....

Barnum had also asked Miss Lutz to accompany us as she mentioned to us that she had been to Paris before via Spain and knew exactly where to go. Lettie quickly explained to us that we would catch a train from Huelva in Spain to Versailles in France before finishing the trip on foot to Paris. I didn't really care how we got to Paris, as long as we got there. 

I didn't want to be on the ship for another second than need be....

All I have to do is get to Paris and con my way into getting the reward money. Barnum will get his family and so will Anne, and I shall be on the first boat out of there and back to New York, pay off my debt and go from there. 

That is the plan.


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