Chapter 20

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Anne's Pov  

We all sat on one elongated seat, Phillip and I on the ends while Barnum sat between the two of us. There were numerous other people on the train, each of them talking to one another mindlessly while filling the cabin with cigarette smoke. A random person, who was complaining about the seating, came a sat beside me. Extending his cigarette so as to keep the smoke away from himself. 

"Excuse me sir," I say politely, "do you think you could take your cigarette somewhere else? The smoke is, um, not pleasant." 

The man just looked me up and down, before returning to the book he was reading. I scanned around the compartment, locating a couple of empty seats that were closer to other people who were smoking. Barnum and Phillip watched cautiously. 

"Sir, there are plenty of other seats situated near others who are smoking. If you could please move just until you have finished your cigarette that would be muchly appreciated." I said slowly, trying not to put any of my frustration into my voice. 

"Who the hell do you think you are?" He asked rather bluntly, causing my temper to...inflate...a little bit. 

"I am Anneliese Wheeler, the only daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra Wheeler". I proudly say, holding my head up higher. The man seems to have a delay reaction for a few seconds, but I can see out of the corner of my eye that Barnum and Phillip are holding their breathes. The man laughs shortly after, telling me that I am crazy before walking out of the carriage. 

Well at least that gets rid of him for now  I thought to myself. I turn to Barnum and Phillip, muttering a small "sorry" and "I didn't really know how to react." 

Barnum gave his signature smile and laugh. "Don't worry dear, you will have plenty of time to practise before we arrive in Paris."

"But do you think next time you can give us a heads up that you are going to cause a riot." Phillip chuckle quietly enough, that Barnum dismisses it but I hear it. And I may of given a small smile back. 

"Your first challenge in Paris", Barnum continues, "will be William's closest friend - Miss Charity. No one has access to William without her." 

"You're making her sound like a dragon." Phillip chides in, resulting in him getting pushed off the chair by Barnum and me having to stifle a laugh. 

"Not even the slightest. She is my wife." He sighs slightly, thinking at the thought. I remember that he told me about his wife, Charity, while we were on the boat.  Charity's father thought  that sending her and his two children to Paris would be a great idea. 

Barnum's Pov 

Anne and Phillip went back not long after to doing there own things - Anne was reading about her families history and Phillip was watching the scenery fade by. 

"I hope Charity is happy to see me," I say to no one in particular, breaking the silence. 

Be honest Barnum, how could she not be! 

I may of gotten a tad bit fatter (BTW this is a song lyric, not what I actually think) but maybe that won't matter. The bottom line is I will win her back. We will do some reminiscing, we'll both see what we have been missing - over wine and dinner. 

And though, I know I have gone a tiny bit grey, but some people say I look distinguished this way . And I will still bow if I am still a frisky young pup. 

Let's just hope I can straighten up. If she say's no, we will all hang low and we will go from there. 

Anne's Pov

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