Chapter 34

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Anne's Pov 

Charity helped me with putting the final touches on my dress. Helping fasten the back and ensure that everything was straight and proper. W.D insisted that we get a photo and Charity soon after explained that every paper and magazine in the world would want this photo on their front covers. The dress was red and had a large skirt, embellished with gold decaling. Charity paired it with a small pair of heels, baby steps hey, and some elbow length white gloves.  

"You look as beautiful as mother did when she wore this dress in the photos." W.D beamed as he walked into the room, Charity excused herself as, to quote, "she could already hear Barnum getting into mischief with the girls" she said with a laugh. 

"Thank you. I only wish that they were here as well."

"It does not do one well to dwell on the past. Believe me, I know." He said with a small smile. "Your young man was here not to long ago."

"He is not my young man," I say, keeping my voice steady.

"It's no doubt that he cares for you Annaliese. One may even say love. I can see it and so can Charity." 

"W.D. He is not my young man." I say once more, my voice slipping slightly as I spoke.  I turned away from W.D to give my self a chance to recompose myself. 

"Well when he refused my reward for finding you, I thought to myself that you had found another kind of prince. One of true heart." 

I felt my self spinning around before I could even recognize what I was doing. "Phillip refused the reward?" I half question, half gasped. Money had been everything to him since we met. Well, maybe not everything. 

"You are Annaliese. He said that was his reward." W.D begun, moving closing to me, wrapping his hands around my own. "You have made this the happiest day of my life Annaliese. Make sure it will be yours as well Anne. We will always have each other not matter what you decide." He pulled me in close and placed a brotherly kiss on my forehead, smiling at me before he departed the room.  

I've gotten my dream. Everything I ever wanted is right here. In this house. That's why I couldn't be happier though it is, I admit the tiniest bit unlike I anticipated. But I couldn't be happier/ Simply couldn't be happier, well, not "simply". Cause getting your dreams, it's strange, but it seems alittle, well, complicated. There's a kind of a sort of, cost. There's a couple of things get, lost .There are bridges you cross you didn't know you crossed until you've crossed andd if that joy, that thrill doesn't thrill like you think it will. 

Still,  I should be glad I'm where I should be, But nothing is what it was. I didn't know. He mattered to me, but now I can see he does...Con man and princess get their wish and fairytale comes true! The only thing I lose I think about what W.D said to me before he left the room and realize what he ment. I need to go now. I turn on my foot to run out of the room only to be met with a brethe caught in my throat and a person holding a gun at me. 


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