Chapter 24

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Anne's Pov 

Phillip decided to go back to the hotel while Barnum wanted to go find Charity and see when we could meet W.D. While they were occupied I thought I would do a bit of sight seeing. I walked over to the Pont Alexandre III bridge. For some reason this bridge kept coming back into my thoughts, back into my dreams, and those only came on very few occasions. 

It arched elegantly over the clear blue river. The river seemed serene and peaceful

But, look at the sky. Look at the waters. Who could of known, I'd be alone crossing this bridge. Boats heading in and I can here people calling. While the sun goes down, shadows are falling. The view is shimmering, but dangerous too. 

It's already like i'm halfway between where I've been and where i'm going. In between wondering why and finally knowing. Thousands of light, shining below me and somehow I know someone is waiting, somebody knows me. 

Who knows, maybe we are even sharing this beautiful night. Me on the left bank, them on the right. Almost in sight. To me, every light is like a promise and every light could be a clue.  Maybe one of them might be...

Phillip's Pov 

I thought it was best to walk back to the hotel, Anne wanted to do some sight seeing on her own and I didn't want to intrude. I watched her walk the other way, letting my eyes gaze over my shoulder as she headed towards a bridge. I don't know why, but when she walked out in that dress, everything seemed to stop.It was as if the world had become filled with delirium. 

But even with all her elegance and independence and bravery, her voice was quiet and wavering as she asked if she looked okay. And her smile, just made everything else fade away. It was only that Barnum spoke that made me realize that we weren't the only two in the room. 

Out of everything that has ever happened, perhaps the scariest thing to happen is the fact that I love her. I've actually fallen for her in the short time that I've known her and the only words that are going through my head are the ones that Barnum said once we arrived. 

She'll break your heart Phillip. 

I don't think she would, intentionally. But Paris holds the key of to her heart and we won't have much longer to wait. And then, come what may, we will each go our ways. I don't wait to, but I know it's true. After all, Princesses never marries the conman. She marries her prince, and I am no prince. 

I reached into my pocket looking for the key Barnum gave me earlier, but rather my finger tips graze an unfamiliar shape. I pull it out of my pocket and let it lay in my palm. A small golden butterfly, I had forgotten about that. That Anne had given it to me to get us here, I looked around finding what I needed and began to walk away from the hotel just a few yards ahead. 

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