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Ordinary (Phillip x Reader) by Sj_thefan
Ordinary (Phillip x Reader)by Sj
An ordinary girl (reader) finds her place among the extraordinary. Welcome to the Greatest Show! (Phillip x reader)
Beautiful Ways by TinyGusto04
Beautiful Waysby TinyGusto04
A man who comes from wealth meets a girl who doesn't. Or... Phillip Carlyle joins the circus and falls for Liana Barnum, P.T. Barnum's oldest daughter. Liana wasn't rais...
Everything keeps us apart ~ Greatest Showman ✔️ by hoos_iedaddy
Everything keeps us apart ~ hoos_iedaddy
My whole life I was looked down on because of the colour of my skin. I thought maybe one day the world would change that the people would change but it never became tru...
Our Heart - The Greatest Showman {Book 2 of "One Heart"} by Maya_2410
Our Heart - The Greatest Showman { Maya
Book 2 of "One Heart". "They told me to pour my heart into everything I do. So that's what I did. I poured and poured and poured. Now they ask me why I a...
Take A Chance by depressiondolans
Take A Chanceby depressiondolans
*ON HOLD* (until I can think of where its going) Can they take a chance to try and get society to accept them or will the chance be to much?
One Heart- The Greatest Showman by Maya_2410
One Heart- The Greatest Showmanby Maya
This is a story about Phillip Carlyle and Elizabeth Gray - a close friend of Anne's who joins the circus with her. Elizabeth and Phillip instantly attracted to one anoth...
Barlyle oneshots by whatll_you_fall_for
Barlyle oneshotsby whatll_you_fall_for
A bunch of Barlyle oneshots! Includes fluff, smut, possibly angst and drabbles I don't take requests but if you have prompt ideas, please comment them! Some of these are...
His Circus Queen - the Greatest Showman by showmanfreak
His Circus Queen - the Greatest 🤹🏻‍♀️ Crystal 🎪
// OC X P.T Barnum // • Hello! So this is a story I'm going to write about P.T Barnum and a fellow Circus Performer who is a Knife Juggler / Sword Swallower And Knife Th...
The Greatest Showman (Anne Wheeler x Male OC) by BFerg122
The Greatest Showman (Anne BFerg122
Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron star in this bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. In...
Barlyle Prompts (The Greatest Showman) by BuddysImpala
Barlyle Prompts (The Greatest Dolenzmith Queen
Barlyle one-shots, imagines, and prompts. Also posted to my Tumblr: barlyletrash
In the Crown of the Circus King by kritimas
In the Crown of the Circus Kingby 🩹
Phillip Carlyle was a disappointment to his parents. Phillip Carlyle was, as the locals so lovingly put it, "The Scandal." And the same Phillip Carlyle half-dr...
Anne Wheeler x Phillip Carlyle by chickyflickk
Anne Wheeler x Phillip Carlyleby Alice Stories
The Greatest Showman, stories about Anne Wheeler and Phillip Carlyle, and their love story. I only own Phillip and Anne's daughters Elissa and Six-Olivia, but other tha...
The Greatest Showman: March One-Shots by ptxgrivine
The Greatest Showman: March 🌺🎭🎶
One-shots for the entire month of March, inspired by The Greatest Showman! ✨ Includes spoilers. May be confusing to those who have not seen the movie. © 2018. All rights...
Barlyle (One Shots) by Swann057
Barlyle (One Shots)by Chloe ☀️
Some are based off of the "60 Barlyle prompts" book Im so lazy that i can't even think of my own ideas
Spiderboy and the Mistress by Mindly_Insane
Spiderboy and the Mistressby Mindly_Insane
I'm backkkkkkk (ish). Inspired by the lovely LadyRomanogers whose story can be found right here (
Pick Me by Addi-B
Pick Meby AddiB
Phineas Taylor Barnum messes up. What else is new?
Silence by graynestoruwu
Silenceby Gray Carlyle
Phineas Taylor Barnum. The lively, energetic ringmaster to the City That Never Sleeps. Everyone knows and loves him, his shows never failing to sell out. Though through...
Barlyle Prompts by crownofthecircusking
Barlyle Promptsby Aeron
These are prompts sent in to me from a list of OTP dialogue prompts. If you'd like to request one, find me on tumblr at crown-of-the-circus-king. It may or may not take...
Hang Up Your Coat (Barlyle) by BuddysImpala
Hang Up Your Coat (Barlyle)by Dolenzmith Queen
Humans are like water glasses. The water, that most elusive of things, is made of memories--people, events, words--all of them negative. Most glasses are only filled hal...
Love and Life | Phillip and Anne Oneshots by whisperyourscreams
Love and Life | Phillip and Anne whisperyourscreams
Disclaimer: Not my characters. A series of one shots revolving around the story of Phillip and Anne. Little snippets of their life during and after the movie "The G...