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W.D's Pov 

"I'm sure she will turn on but why would she disappear in the first place?" Charity informed and inquired. Everyone else was running around looking for her, trying to find whether or not if she was lost or just taken a stroll in the garden but I knew where she was. I knew exactly where she went. However, I allowed myself to be quiet and let everyone else fuss. I had found my sister and I will always have my sister. I was happy for the first time in a long while. 

"Not a trace of her!" Phineas Barnum cried as he ran into the room, trying to avoid the press just outside the door. "Her room was bare except for this," Phineas extended his arm out to hold out the music box. I took the music box off his hands and just simply smiled. 

"I think we have seen the last of that young woman." I placed the music box against my chest before slipping it onto the table across from me. 

"Was she Annelise?" Charity asked me as I turned back around to face her and her husband. She had linked her hand with his and a smile had cast itself upon her face. The light of joy returning to her eyes again. She was whole, she had her family - her complete family. 

"That doesn't matter now," I said and Charity understood exactly just what I meant. "Anyway," I continued, "We cannot keep them waiting much longer." I pulled open the door into the sitting room to be bombarded by reporters from across the globe, ready with their notepads and inked pens.  Questions were being flung across the room, all begging for their own attention. I raised my right hand and the room fell silent. 

I took a breathe in the silence before beginning. "As of today there will be no more Annelise's. Her reward for her safe return will be given to several charities. She was simply just a dream, a beautiful dream and I ask that there be no more talk of the famous Annelise Wheeler. The talk is over...still." 

I turn back away from the reporters, all stationary with their pens at the ready. Certainty not the reports they were hoping for. Pushing the door, I could see Helen and Caroline playing their circus game with their father and mother. All of them laughing joyfully. And while I may not have my sister near, I think I have a family close by. 

Edmund's Pov 

The noise from the street echoed into the building as I stand before the police council back in New York, all of whom are waiting for the explanation of all different sorts. I adjusted my tie subtly before beginning to talking.

"There never was an Annelise. She was a dream, a dream only time will phase. New York has no need for fairy tales, so no more discussion about the lost Wheeler girl. As for Barnum and Carlyle, their sentence is simple.  After a payment by a very generous girl, both men have been pardoned from their crimes and will not return to New York for quiet some time. The case is closed....still." 

Anne's Pov 

Phillip and I both stood across from each other on one of those fancy boats that was heading who knows where. I playfully dropped the jacket Phillip had covered my shoulders with earlier onto the ground as Phillip held out his left hand, waiting for her to accept to which I accepted gratefully and happily. We began to dance on the top deck of the boat just like back in my apartment and in Spain.The only difference perhaps being that the butterfly that used to be on a necklace had now moved to my left finger. The world seemed to fade away as I focused on us as we danced into the night, quiet literally.  And I couldn't help myself but to kiss him, I mean I wanted to do it all those other times so I might as well make this time better than the last two. As I pulled away, needing breath, I watched as Phillip looked at me closly before picking me up and spinning me around. Both of us laughing. 

It was the perfect beginning to a new story. 

A/N -> Annnd that is a wrap on "The Greatest Journey to The Past". Thank you all for reading and showing me your support, it really meant a lot from me. Hopefully I will se you all in the New Year with new stories :D and if I don't see you guys again (like in my other book) I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new Year. 

Until next time. 

Love, Maya. 

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