Chapter 21

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Phillip's Pov 

I remember that we caught a taxi from where we got off, more like were forced off, the train. Where exactly that was I'm still not exactly sure. Anne fell asleep a few minutes after the taxi begun to move, slowing drifting off until she eventually fell onto my shoulder. 

I still have no idea what that was back there, on the train. She was having a panic attack almost, from the gun shot. But what she was saying, I've got no idea where she managed to pick any of that up before. I've been sitting here, watching the Spanish background fade and drift into a more French background. -Wineries scattered throughout the country side as we moved closer to the city, trying to make some sense of what Anne was saying before. 

Men. guns. Followed by her questioning if she was Anneliese. 

I mean I remember when I first saw her, she jumped at the sound of a car backfire. Maybe it's something about her past that she hasn't told us? 

There isn't a history book in any store that talks about the actual night, believe me I've read every single one of them. All of them put forward an idea, a conspiracy forward in hope that it may be true. I mean, that is all this is. One big conspiracy.  I have a girl playing the part, a music box which could possibly belong to the  Anneliese Wheeler and a butterfly charm in the inside of my jacket. Oh yeah, the butterfly necklace which Anne gave to get us here. I still have some spare money from the chain itself, it should be enough to get it placed on a ring or something like that.  And later,  I will have to give Anne the music box, it may convince William that this is his sister. 

But I'm not completely sure if I want to go through with the plan to be utterly honest. It was a brilliant, well thought, plan at the beginning but... 

No, we're almost there. Just have to keep focused. 

I kept thinking of everything we would have to do when we arrived at Paris, we would have to get Anne a new dress to meet Charity. I mean her other ones are nice but, if you're in France you might as well look the part. Then we actually have to meet Charity and then if that goes well William. 

I didn't even notice my eyes shutting as I fell asleep against the side of the taxi, Anne still sound asleep on my shoulder. 


The abrupt stop nudged me awake, which I was not very pleased about. But the taxi driver was insisting that we get out. He was speaking French, so I didn't understand him but I think it is universal to get out whenever someone is unloading your bags out. 

I tapped Anne to wake up, to which she slowly did so. After she hit me in the face, but I just laughed it off after seeing how mortified she was. A small smile slowly formed on her face as I helped her out of the carriage. 

"I'll go ask the driver why he stopped". Anne said once she had fully woken her self up.

She begun to walk off, but I grab her hand spinning her back around. "I tried. He only speaks French." 

Anne's Hazel eyes met my eyes briefly as I let go of her hand, and I saw the growth of a smirk on her face.

"Je suppose que ce sera un problème. Si seulement nous connaissions quelqu'un qui parlait français." She spoke, fluently in French, smiling cheekily while she said it. I just gave her that look that I I had gave up, extending my arm to let her go talk to the driver. I have absolutely no clue what she said but apparently she knew French. I didn't know she could do that. Or maybe she might of mentioned it, but this girl keeps on impressing me everyday. "Look at her Barnum!" I smiled, watching Anne talk to the driver. "Rattling off in French with him. You've taught her well. Don't be surprised if we get away with this P.T"There were a few long moments of silence before Barnum spoke, sorrowfully. "She'll break your heart Phillip".I let a few beats pass by before speaking again, flicking off Barnum's accusation. "Pff, be quiet. What do you know about anything?" I ask as I walk in front of him, trying to keep my voice down while I watch out for Anne. "Once they accept her as Anneliese Wheeler , you will never see her again Phillip". I thought about it for a second, before pushing Barnum's arm off my shoulder. "As usual you don't know what you are talking about." I walk away, just as Anne comes running back. "This is as far as he goes. But he said that we can get to Paris just by walking over that hill." "Well lets get going." Barnum said cheerfully, his usual demour returning. I know he is worried, but there is nothing to worry about. Anne grabs her bag and begins to run up the hill, following Barnum. I watch her fade into the trees as Barnum's words ring clear. We'll figure that out later. First is Paris.

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