Chapter 11

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Anne's Pov 

The three of us, that being Clara, Louis and Robert, travelled down the narrow hallway of the ship, attempting to find the cabin which Barnum had booked for us. I think Phillip saw the way I looked at Lettie as I came over to Barnum and him, it was as if he saw the way my  face contorted into a look of disgust at society's "norms". 

Why do people find the need to harass and stare at those who are even the slightest bit different? Why does everyone think it is okay to pretend to be what we all derive as normal? To conceal what makes them unique? To shame those who don't?

It will be a concept I will never understand.

"Here we are!" Barnum announced as he scavenged his shallow coat pocket for three keys, two for one room and one for the other. He quickly placed a small brass key into my palm as Phillip unlocked the door. Looking over Phillip's shoulder, I could see a small room, well not that small. It was quiet large in comparison to what I have stayed in before. Perfect for a week's trip.

It has two wooded single beds, lined with to very intricate quilts, which I would assume were picked up on their voyages to other countries around the world. To think that their is so much more than just the horizon. There is a whole world out their, a whole world to see. Since I can remember, I have waited to travel. To see more countries, different cultures. One where people accept everyone. 

I wonder if I can do that if I am Annaliese Wheeler? 

I shook off the thought as I placed my little suitcase onto my bed and made my way over to the little circular window. Looking past my reflection, the view was amazing. I could see the line where the sky meets the sea, allowing me to see the edge of the moon as it rose up in the sky and the stars it brought forth with it. 

"Do you think you are going to miss it?" I questioned as I heard Phillip to fold his clothes into the single closet in the room.

"Miss what?" 

"New York." I say, gesturing to the window as I turned to face him. He still had his back towards me as he continued to stuff clothes into the dresser. 

Phillip takes a few seconds to think but replies quickly after, his answer short and blunt. "No." 

Now, I know I should of dropped the topic but a part of me was interested in his reasoning. I mean someone who has lived here since birth isn't going to miss the place where he grew up. Not even the slightest bit?

"But it's your home?" I say, half questioning, half stating. 

"It was a place I once lived, end of story." He concluded, or tried to, as he turned to face me. 

"Well, then you must plan on making Paris your true home." 

"What is it with you and homes?" He said with a thumb of the closet door behind him, almost causing me to jump, as me moved a step away from the dresser - allowing him to be in the centre of the pathway.  His voice raised at the end, the slightest little bit but it was still there. 

"Well for one thing it's something everyone wants." I say as I tried to move towards the door, wanting some fresh air. But of course he was in the middle of the path and he wasn't going to move, causing a smirk to arise on his face. "And for other matters, it is a thing where you.." I trailed off as I tried to step around him, to which he moved with me not letting me past. "you..." I tried again before groaned in annoyance. "Ugh! Never mind! Just forget it." I stepped up onto the bed, before hoping down on the other side of it walking away from him. 

"Fine." I heard him mutter as I opened the door, making me get out of the room even faster. Ugh! I thought he was over this, picking an argument at every corner! I thought we were actually  frie.... never mind what I thought we were. 

I leant up against the door, rubbing my temples as I took a few deep breaths. Barnum emerged from his room not long afterwards, causing my heart of jump out of my chest in fright. 

"You scared me." I announced between breaths. 

"Sorry about that." He began, "I was going to get a cup of tea. Would you like to join, you look as if you would need it." Barnum asked, somehow he knew when to calm myself or Phillip down, and to him a cup of tea makes everything better. Right now, it will keep me away from Phillip which I think I need right now. 

"I would love to." I replied, quickly adjusting my wig as we walked down the narrow hall.

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