Chapter 19

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Anne's Pov 

He let go of my hand. Just let it go without a care in the world. I continued to walk aside Lettie, trying to maintain my focus in front of me rather than continually looking back. We all waited on the platform for the train, watching the small city we had just passed through in the background. 

I'm halfway. Halfway from where I've been. Halfway towards where I'm going. I haven't actually had this much realization about what this means, I'm closer to my family. Closer to becoming Anneliese Wheeler, further away from life I had.  

How can I desert the girl I was, the girl I am? How do I tell myself why? I just need a moment, to let me say goodbye. 

"I'm just going to get some air, come get me when the train arrives". I announced, walking out of the train station and onto the busy, lively street. I'm leaving so much behind for this...chance. This slight probability that I could be her.  I'm leaving all rivers and bridges which I have come to know, the forest and waterfalls I have found on my adventures. It's harsh and sweet and bitter to leave it all but I'll always bless my homeland till the day I die. 

Never to return. 

Finally breaking free. 

It is all I have ever know, it raised me. 

How do I turn away? Close the door? Go where I have never gone before?

I slide down the wall on the train station, leaning up against it. No, I can't be like this. I can't think about what I had, only about what is to come. I took a few long, deep breaths, pushing my hair out of my face. Slowly, I got up and dusted off my skirt and began to trek back inside. Running into Phillip on the way. 

"Oh, I was, well I am, coming to get you." He somehow managed to stumble out. I gave him a small nod and continued to walk in front of him towards the platform where I could see Barnum and Lettie. 

Once we had all arrived over, Lettie announced that she was catching a later train. She would see us once again in Paris. After small hugs, we all boarded the train while Lettie waved us goodbye. 

Well. It's too late to back out of this.  I thought to myself as the city faded into the backdrop of the sky. 


Two things. 

1. Sorry about the short chapter. 

2. Sorry about not updating this book in two weeks. 

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